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Thread: Friends?

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    Default Friends?

    Do you guys really indulge your friends in your life?

    All aspects of the furry stuff?

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    Kinda yes, kinda no. I wore one of my eared hats around them after returning from Anthrocon, and they like it, so I just continued to wear it everytime we were out together. I wore my tail at the toy show we all went to a couple weeks ago. And I kinda play with dog toys sometimes when we are at one of their houses for a party. Other than that, I don't really indulge them into it. However, none of them are furry, but a few of them want to go to Anthrocon next year with me. I know that the one friend I have is joking about wanting to go, but the others are serious. I told them about all the different things to do, all the different panels, and special guests, and they seemed genuinely interested.

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    Yes. I'm very open about my furriness, DL'ism, sissiness, and really everything about me.

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    I try to be as discreet as possible about everything furry or diaper related, I'd be surprised if any of my friends had a clue. I envy people that don't have to hide it.

    However, I have one non-DL/AB friend that I can be completely open with. It makes a world of difference.

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    My BF/DL stuff is totally discreet. I never want anyone to know about it to be honest. The furry stuff I'm usually open with.

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    Around friends I'm an open fur (just fur, they don't know anything else as far as I can tell... not yet, at least) and they really don't care for the most part.
    Then again, one of them's also a fur and one of them takes the micky out of me a bit... until he needs to get his hand on an 'image' that I might be able to find, but I'll not go into to great detail about that.

    Around new friends I may not shout it out... but I don't actively hide it and if any furriness happens to show through I'll happily explain to them why I am that way. I've actually yet to meet anyone like this who thinks ill of it.

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    I'm openly furry to most people, wary with co workers etc but anone who knows me in a non professional context has it staring them in the face if they'd only ask (eg, my red paw-printed dog collar.
    My Babyfur/ *b side I tend to keep more to myself except with other BF friends (lucky enough to know many) or BF tolerant furs. For everyone else its a secret part of my life that is never hinted at.

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    I too am pretty open about being furry, even showing teachers and classmates pictures of my fursuit(mostly in my french classes for some reason).

    As for diapers, unless I know someone else likes them as well or are very good and close friends, i won't really bring them up.

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    Everyone knows I'm a furry if they know what furries are.
    DL, however, is so far in the closet its in Narnia.

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    only recently when i found this fourum did i start wondering about my friends and i suddenly realised, one of my best friends likes acting furry and collects soft toys (cute, i know ) and the other has baby bottle's and such. Maybe im not as alone as i thought

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