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Thread: Straight outta Essex :)

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    Default Straight outta Essex :)

    Hey, my names Connor and I'm a DL from Essex...

    Starting College this year, also turning 17 and starting driving :O

    I love partying! Friends say I smoke too much weed :P I say theres much worse things in life.

    Been interested in nappies for a few years now, don't remember how but its a sexual thing, but never shared or spoken about it with anyone, I love the warmth

    Some people think I'm a chav but I just think tracksuits are comfy

    Any questions go ahead lol

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    Hio there.

    Our admin peachy is very stern about makeing it clear adisc does not endorse/think its a good idea to use any illegal substances.

    Just dont defend/frequently mention your position on this....

    My "stupid american" education system touches very little on geography
    This is a city in england?

    Immature jokes about the city name much? X.X

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    Hello fellow UK'r. Enjoy your time here. Hope to see you around in the forums.

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    Well only part of London is in Essex anyway, and no it's Colchester, kinda mid-Essex

    And Claw, I understand, just couldn't think of much else :P

    Thanks anyway guys!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here on the site. Were you aiming for the "Straight outta Compton" intro or was that just a coincidence? It seems as though you seem like a chill guy, and there is just the neverending UK population on the site here, now is it?

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    Welcome to ADISC! All the good people come from Essex

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    *shakes head* You actually admit you're from essex? :S

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    Hi Connor welcome! I'm new too. Hope you have a good day!

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