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Thread: Does DPF sound familiar to you?

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    Default Does DPF sound familiar to you?

    I was a member of this club for many years. Went to some of their parties and was involved with Tommy, Marky and some of the members. As being an A/B D/L has been a lifelong affair, my experiences stretch back many years.
    Would really enjoy hearing from others that knew of DPF.
    I met some really good friends through that sight. I miss the opportunity to meet more. Maybe this sight is a good place to meet others.

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    This is not a dating/meeting site, instead we are a support community. Take some time to look around, then read the stickies on the intro/greetings forum and If you're still interested in being a part of this make an introduction/greeting and let us know more about you.

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    AH yes... dpf. My first ever glimmer of hope that there were others out there like me. The place got garbage quickly though haha. Welcome to adisc!

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    Hi 4EvrYoung, Welcome to ADISC,

    Of course I remember DPF. From 1990 until 2001 I wrote a column for their newsletter.

    I attended several DPF parties, both those hosted by Tommy and Marky in Mill Valley and Sausalito, as well as parties announced in DPF and hosted by other members. My husband Don and I hosted a couple of DPF parties. We helped start a series of monthly lunches at the Sizzler Restaurant in Norwalk. Back in 1995 those were called "Sizzles" before the term "munches" became popular.

    As Diapered Rabbit already pointed out ADISC is a support community, not a dating or place to just meet. People will want to become your friend when you discuss other aspects of your life, beyond diapers.

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    I do remember it, though never went there much (probably because by the time I found out was 2004-2006).

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    I remember DPF. I went on it a few times, but not really that much.

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    DPF was my intro to the ab/dl community back in 97/98 primarily the live chat (I was 12 and told everyone I was 20 something to avoid psychos). I moved over to yahoo groups/chat not long after that though, then around 03 I pretty much vanished from the community until just recently.

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    I joined DPF when I was 13 or so. Apparently I joined up right at the beginning of the end.

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    I used to lurk on the site, but I never registered. I've always been careful about my online identity. This is the first sight I have ever joined. It's well moderated and I like the members.

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    It was one of the first sites I found when looking into my *B/DL side. It was at least more comforting than deeker.

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