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    ...note taking. (No, silly, not diapers, that has been done ad nauseam; I know how to use the search feature)
    I'm about to start back a local community college (the lowest level of post-secondary education in the US) after an absence of almost 10 years. So, I'm curious to know peoples experiences with using technology to assist in note taking. I'm especially interested to hear from anyone who has experience using MS OneNote on a tablet, or a smartpen (like this: Livescribe :: Never Miss A Word). Although I use technology on a daily basis to help run my life (Smartphone, calendars and contacts synced to the cloud, etc) I have no idea how to leverage technology to assist me in school.

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    I actually have MS Onenote on my Tablet Laptop, but I start my freshman year in less than two weeks so I really have no experience yet. I would just imagine that it would just take a little time to get used to writing on it to get up to speed, as well as having both the resources and the responsibility to use them. That's my two cents on the topic.

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    I use a pen and paper.
    EDIT: Hokay, I wasn't trying to be rude here, just sayin.
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    I find i prefer to just use a pen and paper, or sometimes my mini laptop thinggummy with an open word/notepad document. If your lecturers release the course material or slideshows before the lecture then print it off and take notes next to the relevant slides, that means when you go through them later you have the visuals and the context right in front of you, all together, instead of spread accross various different documents.

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    I actually also took notes using pen and paper. Personal feeling, but it'd be easier (and cheaper) to write them by hand and then type them up at a later time (granted I only took notes for maybe 1 or 2 classes :/).

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    I have considered using my laptop to take notes, but I don't think I will. Unfortunately, I can't really help you there. There are a few programs that might be helpful: Zotero, a citation organizer which I found this summer (no chance to try it out yet) and Anki, a flashcard program. Anki is an SRS, meaning it uses an algorithm to calculate the type to have you review cards.

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    Well, as I told you while chatting, I'm using my laptop in class to take notes. Basically, I'm simply loading up Microsoft Word (or any other software that does the same thing, such as Open Office Writer) and taking my notes in point-form like I would have if I took hand-written notes. The good side of that is actually not having to carry pen and paper around and not depending on my supply of them.

    As for your specific topic, I haven't used any of them, so I don't know. But what I do know is that at least a third of the students in the classes I attend are using at least a laptop to take their notes, so yeah, technology is gaining importance there.

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    They all suck to be honest. None of them are as flexible and fast as a good old pen and paper. Its best to take notes then after class transcribe and organize them on your computer. In class you just don't have time in any decent lecture to putz around with using something like one note.
    I am not saying it cant be done, I just don't think it is as flexible or effective

    Plus the key to acquisition of facts is repetition, so doing a post class transcription is also a great study aid since it forces you to review the material and make critical decisions about its content when reorganizing.

    In my experience the vast majority of people "taking notes" on their laptop in class are really playing WOW/ on facebook.

    One bit of tech that did help a lot for me was a digital recorder. I recorded all my lectures. It meant that on days I was exhausted or half asleep I could review the lecture. I also could listen to them at 3-4x speed which let me compress a quarters worth of lectures into a day of study.

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    OneNote is pretty friggin awesome, I use it at work for notes shared among the studio, and I've found it to be very nice....

    However, even though my handwriting is TERRIBLE, I still like scribbling down hand written notes more, even at my job that is 100% done on computer, I keep a pad of college rule notepaper and a pencil next to my desk. It's always ready to go, and I'm never tempted to use my computer for other things. Most of my classes (again, for a career that is 100% done on computer) forbid the usage of computers in any context, unless special permission from the teacher was had. Really it depends on the person, but I always felt like it was just easiest to jot down stuff on regular old paper, plus often times getting out a laptop or a larger tablet is unwieldy for notes. I had a couple texbooks or downloadable notes from the professor that I tried to have out while doing my homework, and fitting my laptop and the piece of paper I was doing my homework on was a pain in the ass. I suppose you could do the homework electronically as well, and use LaTeX for maths but that always seemed like more trouble than it's worth.

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    I currently use ballpoint pen and paper. I use decent pens (as in the 2 for $5 kind rather than the 12 for $1 kind) and a decent notebook (Mead 5-Star Advance 5-subject, which cost ~$10 apiece). The good pens are more solid (i.e. made of metal and not plastic) and just feel better in my hand after an hour of writing. The notebooks are an amazing in that, not only do they have features like pockets and a pen-holder, but the spiral coil doesn't get bent and twisted, leaving me with a notebook where the pages turn as easily on the last day of the semester as the first.

    I have used my computer to take notes before with MS Word. Such only works in a class where it is expedient to only take text notes, which is very course dependent. You basically need a class where nothing is more easily written as a diagram or has any math. Such are surprisingly far and few between; even my language classes often resulted in me making lots of charts in my notebook. Moreover, battery life can be a serious limitation depending on the computer and number of courses you are taking.

    I've never owned a tablet, so I can't help much there. I very rarely see people taking notes on them (probably more because few people have them than because it's a bad idea), but those that do have them seem to like them. Give it a year or two with the iPad and its competitors on the market, and I'd bet it'll be a lot more common to see them in college classrooms.

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