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Thread: New age of Diaper development

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    Default New age of Diaper development

    I was doing some research/reading a while back into adult diapers and was trying to find how comes theres fewer "own brand" diapers here than in the states.

    I never did find too much of a clear answer in that regard only that perhaps incontinence is less of a taboo topic in the states whereas in the UK it seems to be one of those things that comes with old age that people forget is there, let alone the fact that it affects younger people as well.

    But to the point of the post! i did find an article on the euromonitor international about the growing incontinence industry and how it is a relatively untapped market for most major supermarket chains.

    (its an ok article mostly facts and figures and can be found here Incontinence products are a growth opportunity for hygiene companies - Market Research, Analysis, and Trends Blog )

    Does anyone think that these sorts of figures might kickstart some development in major store brands e.g. tescos, sainsbury's etc into producing their own ranges for the market?

    I for one am hoping that it does, whilst im pretty sure for the start there will be teething problems and probably poor quality, it will lead to a real competitiveness for lower prices which is a big bonus, as well as making diapers more readily available for people to buy which also can't be bad

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Hmm i forgot the obvious as well, not only would they compete in price...but also performance! tesco own brand 24/7 diapers...i bet they'd be something special

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    Very good article. Just maybe The diaper industry, KC in particular, can get rid of the social taboo, that not just babies and the elderly need protection, but people in the middle sometimes have issues too. After all KC, was the 1st to made Pull-Ups for potty training. Then they really looked outside the box, and made Drynites/Goodnites for older kids for bedwetting, and some kids even use them during the day. Hopefully KC will be able to get rid of the diaper stigma that lies between babies, disabled & the elderly, and needing diapers should remain a personal matter.
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    Butterfly Mage


    Better products would be nice. I have yet to find a pullup that is suitable for the male anatomy. Likewise, Depends and Attends have downgraded their products to the point that they are unusable for their intended purpose.

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    We now have the Underjams and Drynites in the UK, but still no proper adult nappies (except Tena Pants) while most european countries do.
    I bet that'll change in the future.

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    BTW, I didn't read this and think that this is awesome news for AB's and TB's in Europe/UK". I read it as if it was awesome news for those who actually need diapers or pull-ups for protection. Heck, I would like to see KC make a tape on style nappy/diaper for older kids. There should be more diaper and pull-up options for all ages, not just for babies and the elderly. I really hope this will flow into the US market as well.

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    grass is always greener. You might think we have all these diapers in the US, but just like in the UK they all are mail order, if you go to any store (food or drug) you have 2 choices, Depends (and you can ask people here how they are) or store brand. I would guess that pretty much how it is on the other side of the pond (aka in the UK)

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    I've never actually had too many problems with Depends, as often-maligned as they are (the diaper, not the other products). They don't stand up to flooding very well, but very few (if any) cheaper diapers do. Never had them leak...I think it just has to do with body shape. Perhaps they work okay for relatively few people. Then again I don't use them very often for their intended purpose. It is possible I've just not gone through enough to really get an good picture.

    Nevertheless if I was experiencing actual, daily incontinence...I wouldn't go with Depends. They are usable but it would not be affordable to change my diaper every single time I wet (which is about all they can handle).

    As the poster above me said, we don't have variety, here. Some stores sell Tena, but never diapers, just the cloth-like pull-up underwear at absolute most. Pretty much it is either Depends or the store brand. Wal-Mart used to carry Attends way back when I was bedwetting, but I haven't seen those in years.

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    Not sure what the IC figures are in the U.K but it would really depend on the amount of IC people in the U.K and if they think they would sell enough to make it a viable business option.

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