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Thread: Greetings from Poland :D

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    Greetings from the Polish Royal City of Kraków (Cracow) I'm a... little bit afraid 'cause that's my first time posting in foreign forum and I hope I won't make some basic mistakes which makes pain in *** when you will read them. So, Hi ^^. I'm right now in last class in my high school, and in this school year I wish I will pass CAE exam. What's more... I don't know... I'm TB/DL maybe more DL. I love rock and metal bands like Metallica, Deep Purple, AC/DC etc. but I'm also a sailor so I'm keen on sailors songs. Well, I think it is enough info for that moment and feel free to ask my about sth.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Congratulations on making the leap into a foreign language forum. So far you're doing pretty good!

    I find it kind of funny how the Europeans like our music. I'm not as big of a Metallica fan either but I'm a big follower of the European metal scene. Opeth, Nightwish and Epica are among my favorite to listen to. As a keyboardist I find that stuff to have more technical value and challenge to it than American music.

    Where do you sail? Kraków's quite a few miles from the sea.


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    According to music stuff, that's true. European music is more technical harder. That's cool that you like Nightwish, because IMO that part from Opera (a specialy Tarja's voice) that was sth unique. About Opeth I never heard, name Epica is familiar to me, but I don't know any of thier songs (or I dk that I know :P ) I'm sailing in a north of Poland in place called "Mazury". Before IIWW north of nowadays Poland belongs to the III Reich so people may heard german version of it "Masuren". "Mazury" is the place where are most of Polish lakes. (and the biggest one) My dream is to sail on see.

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    Hi Jiraiya

    I think you must be the first member from Poland. I can say hello in Polish but that's about as far as I can go. I actually will be teaching students to pass the CAE next month though I'll be working in Minsk Belarus.

    Well welcome to the forums. Hope you find some information that is useful or make some good friends. I'm actually curious what kinda diapers you can get in Poland as I might have to purchase ones that are imported from Poland when I'm in Belarus.

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    Nope, your wrong Mr E I'm sure I'm not the FIRST person from Poland, 'cause I've heard about that society from girl which was in Polish AB-TB/DL website. She showed me that forum, actually she is in that forum, cafelatte. So maybe I'm second person :P Diapers in Poland... we've got only few to be honest. Polish SENI: - blue one for mid,strong IC. (day time) - purple for strong IC (night time) (I'm using this one Small) - green for very stron IC They're the "strongest" Seni in country. (I've never used them)

    Also we've got Molicare (blue and purple) Tena and some Italian ones but I don't remember thier name.

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    Czesc (that's hello right? i'm trying to learn polish), Welcome to ADISC!

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    Siema (Polish way to say hi among friends; I don't know how to explain it more properly) Yeah your right almost because in Polish "hello" there are 2 Polish letters which make foreign people unable to say it Correct version is "cześć" (Do you see those 2 last letters?) As far as learning Polish is concerned you have guts trying to learn Polish

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