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    Hiya, I'm a male from the Midwest near a large city. Even here, with plenty of time and space I cast about for something to say. I keep closing ASDIC's tab in my browser meaning not to return and ending up here again a few weeks later. I'm making this introduction post because I keep hitting your clever wall where it seems I browse a certain number of pages and it cuts me off. I don't know that I have anything to say here, I'd still be lurking. I wish and have wished many times before that reputation and personality carried from other forums being a noob is no fun and can't be fixed by grinding in a forum like it can be in a game.

    So, things I like, quality, old houses, fine workmanship, nice (fine) clothing of the sort most Americans don't wear, Italian clothing, Merino wool, furries, technology, computers, flowers, stuffed animals, microplush blankets, fur, hard science fiction, science fiction, a good deal of fantasy, and finally science.

    While I'm very good at it, I hate gardening.

    I play many Steam Games, two of my current favorites are Trine and Killing Floor.

    I am also a fur, a tall anthropomorphic lion. I'd actually be a lion in real life given the opportunity.

    My favorite stuffed animal right now (it varies sometimes is) ok well two favorite stuffed animals are this soft fuzzy pink spotted giraffe, and a small realistic looking lion, with realistic teeth and paws too.

    I suppose a part of the reason I'm here is to see if I can feel more comfortable with my own existence. I feel like I don't live up to my own standards. Perhaps the ideas I have in my head are not entirely correct.

    *holds breath and hits post*

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Don't worry too much about reputation and rank. I don't think anyone will think less of you because you're new as long as you're polite, literate, and respectful, which this post suggests you will be.

    I find it interesting that you would hate something you were good at. Whither the animus?

    BTW, nobody's ideas are "entirely correct." The most we can reasonably expect is that they not be logically incoherent, harmful to ourselves/others, or both. Anything else is gravy.

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    like Palko said, don't worry about being a "newb" (noob is someone that acts like a complete mong ). As long as you aren't uber creepster, or go on a spree of wild crazy lies, you should be fine :P.

    Hopefully you don't go back to lurker, but post more! there is plenty here to talk about over a broad range of subjects, not just ab/dl related. Including quite a few on gaming and computers. How is Trine by the way?

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    Well Palko, I learned how to garden from my mother every summer my brother and i would spend a good part of most days weeding and caring for the garden. It was the sort of thing that parents make one do that is not optional. We had 3/4ths of an acre and when we moved in almost none of it was landscaped when i moved out nearly all of it was landscaped with over three dozen pine trees, over 100 bushes and a pond I dug myself, 11x14x3 in a U shape. It's the most beautiful landscaping in the neighborhood and worthy of being seen on a tour of homes. Thing is, I was often working in the garden instead of doing as I wished to do. I enjoy gardens, I enjoyed the results of the work, but I hated the never ending toil, it was never finished, even if i worked extra hard there was more to do.

    What is the animus? I can't quite catch your meaning.

    Coyote, Trine is excellence in platform gaming, with numerous puzzles requiring a bit of strategy to pass. It's a beautiful word with a good story to go with it, very well done. It's a little short, but should keep you amused. Finding those last few vials to complete everything can be maddening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aslan View Post
    What is the animus? I can't quite catch your meaning.
    LOL, it means a strong dislike of something. I was still talking about the gardening thing. Sorry for the confusion.

    So, I could probably find this somewhere else, but I'm interested to know what you think constitutes "hard science fiction?"

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