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Thread: Being Changed

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    Red face Being Changed

    So, I was thinking about it, who prefers to be changed, or change themselves? Would you ever feel embarrassed or too helpless being changed? Making you feel uncomfortable?

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    Personally, I would love to have someone change me. Maybe not all the time.. But most of the time. Like maybe 90% of the time?

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    For what it's worth, being changed by someone else.

    And it's gotta be all the time.

    He's either my Daddy or he's not.

    Plus, I dunno, I kinda like the helplessness feeling of it all; in a large way it's kinda the point.

    Dan x

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    I know what you mean, for me it would be about 50% of the time, since I'm still new, and I am still a little reluctant I suppose.

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    True, But like with me only time do I feel like I want to be a baby or something. Other times, I want to be a regular women, it's complicated, I hope I don't sound completely absurd.

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    I kind of don't like the idea of getting changed, however it might be nice.

    I ain't going to beg for it, but it's kind of creepy, even with some hot mom. OK, way too creeper but still...

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    I guess that given the right circumstances, getting changed could be enjoyable. But for the most part, I'll just do it myself.

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    Yeah...well I'm a having a hot guy changing me would be more mortifying.

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    Yeah, I see where your coming from.

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    I dont know. I mean i guess it wouldnt be so bad. but i still feel new to most of this stuff, and im pretty self reliant. I just think it would be awkward.. thats all.

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    I would love to be changed. Way should some thing lake that be uncomfortable or embarrassed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    I would love to be changed. Way should some thing lake that be uncomfortable or embarrassed.
    Just think about it for a sec, lol.

    I certainly don't want to be changed by some old fart, or a male even then...

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