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    I think I may have got some down my bathtub drain. It had some draining problems before then anyways so I was just wondering about how certain things react.

    1. If I add NaCl (table salt) to the water and pour it down the drain will it react the same as adding NaCl to a normal SAP mixture that is already holding water?

    2. Are there any bad reactions that come from Drain-o + SAP?

    3. Is there some special way of cleaning this that I should look into?

    Just wondering because I felt like fixing this problem before I go back off to college. Thanks.

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    1. Should work, as long as you don't dilute it too much.
    2. Should be okay, in fact the Drain-O has NaCl in it along with NaOH, and will work if there's hair in there too.
    3. Draino or salt are probably your best bet, but I've had luck clearing drains with those pressurized gas canisters made for that purpose.

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    Beware. Plumbers love those pressurized canisters. Not to use, for you to use. Breaks seals, particularly the one at the sink. Then you get to call the plumber.

    Sadly, most of the plumber-in-a-bottle products are nowhere near as effective as a snake.

    Oh, bathtub sorry I missed that. OK. Hair Trap. I have really long hair, and used to NOT have a drain strainer, and well I can produce a ball of hair the size of a golfball every shower. That takes about 2 months to completely fill up the big hair trap in the basement under the tub, and is good for an expensive plumber phonecall. I bet you are having problems with that. Good luck. Invest in a drain strainer. It's a fine mesh grill like a screen door, that fits down into the usual hole in the bottom of the drain. It will catch SAP in addition to hair. I always have to empty out the SAP after a shower after a really wet night (bambinos shed SAP when flooded) about 20 seconds into the shower, as the entire trap is clogged as all the SAP washes off me immediately. There will also be flatter ones that are like a large short dome that fits over the drain and then some, with round holes. Don't get those, they're crap, you'll be buying a new one frequently.

    If you're going to use DranO etc, you may need to use quite a lot of it. The trap is the size of a coffee can and is basically a giant filter, and may be thoroughly filled with SAP. That'll be good for a WTF? if the plumber gets a crack at it and the 'rents ask him what caused it.

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    Ya the weakest part of drano is the salt portion, the heating solution and such are far more powerful. I just didn't know if I missed any obvious chemical reaction that would be bad.

    Thanks I will probably try it tomorrow.

    There is very little SAP if any in my drain. A goodnite broke on me a few months ago but I contained most of it and it didn't explode or anything.

    SAP absorbing 500 times its own weight is really the only issue but I expect that can be remedied and my parents already knew I needed to clean my shower so this won't raise any eyebrows.

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