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Thread: parental strictness levels

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    Default parental strictness levels

    Lots of people talk about their mothers going bananas when they do something, and others talk about their fathers.

    Does anyone have one single parent thats strict? Is it your mother or father? Is it both?


    my papa was the fiend when I was young, but they've grown out of it

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    my dad is usually the understanding one(except grades). Don't get me wrong i love my mom but she freaks out way to easy.

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    Uhhh... my dad was more strict, but only in the sense of punishment when I played up. Other than that, both of my parents were pretty liberal and still are. Put this way, I had quite a few freedoms, more so than a lot of my peers, when I was growing up.

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    I think my dad is more strict...But I could kind of talk my parents into a lot of things...

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    Both of my parents are gone now, but neither of them were overly strict when I was growing up. I remember when I was 15 I was allowed to go out to the movies with a boy from another city (He was my brother's landlord's son) that city (actually it was a whole different province)!

    School nights (in my teen years) I was expected to be home in bed by 10pm, but weekends I was allowed out 'til midnight (although I was frequently home much earlier 'cause my friends didn't all have the same freedoms). When I was 16/17/18 I was allowed to take the car pretty much any time and anywhere I wanted...including to University some weeks (which involved much travelling to nearby cities for movies and doughnuts! Okay, okay, and the occasional beer run!) :-D

    After university I still lived at home...and I was pretty much allowed to come and go as I pleased.

    I guess, as long as I told 'em where I was going, and approximately when I'd be home, it was okay.

    Even when I was younger...from school age on...I was allowed to go to friends' long as the folks new where I was going.

    Then again, I was either a very obedient child, or my parents were extreeeeeeeeeeemely liberal minded because I was never punished (no spankings, not even sent to my room).

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    My mom doesn't have a need to be strict, I always give her a reasonable time I'm going to be home. I always tell her where I am going, who I am with, and a number to contact me at. Even if I don't she's not too worried. I have gotten away with a few bad things - but my mom has never had a reason to distrust me, so she's never questioned my answers or explanations.

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    Both of my parental figures are ccontroll freaks, but not strict. Although it does get annoying.

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    I don't mean to brag, but my parents got pretty lucky with me. They got divorced when I was 3. When I was a teen, my dad lived 200 miles away and my mom was going to school and holding down a job, so she wasn't around a whole lot. So I raised myself in a lot of ways and never got into much trouble.

    The only thing I can ever remember arguing over were chores - my mom thought I didn't do enough to help out around the house - and schoolwork. Anything less than a B was not acceptable. In elementary school I had a problem with always forgetting to do homework or forgetting a book I needed for homework, and this led to a bunch of arguments. My grades weren't horrible but they weren't very good either. TV time was taken away, allowance was withheld, a few times I got spanked - but then my mom always felt guilty for the spankings. Probably the best motivation I got though was my mom offering to buy me a book I really wanted if I pulled my 9 weeks grades in social studies and science up to B's. I brought home a 99 on a social studies test and my mom went ahead and gave me the book early.

    But that was pretty much it. Actually, my mom was kind of a rebel in high school - she started smoking in the bathrooms in 8th grade and skipped school more than she went her senior year - and I think she was kind of disappointed I wasn't a little bit more rebellious. I guess all that screaming and fighting in elementary school did some good, because by high school when she really needed me to look after myself I pretty much came home, did homework, practiced my violin, and hung out with friends. Nothing too serious, so she didn't have to be strict. Oh, she did try to set limits because she was concerned about the major amounts of time I spent on the internet though...wonder what I was doing all that time

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