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    I'm really bad at these things, but that's kinda why I'm here...

    As my name would suggest, I'm really shy, and have been having a hard time dealing with...oddly enough I can't even type it right now... my AB'ness I suppose, and I thought that if I tried to talk about it a bit more, I might get a better handle on things. So here I go I guess...

    A bit about myself...

    I'm a college student, living in NYC, and people tell me that I'm a kind, laid back person. I enjoy so many things that it's hard to narrow it down, but I'll start with...diapers.

    I have this only really really early memory...I think I was still in diapers actually (was till 4) and I think I took an old diaper and put it over mine, saying something to the effect of "baby needs a diaper change". That being the earliest experience, but there were small events all the way up till my bro started wetting the bed and needing protection. Then it became a conscious thing. Then maybe a little into college it started becoming less about diapers and more about the comfort and security of the baby role. And recently, due to personal issues, has become a sort of hunger for affection and love. A sort of "regression-as-coping-mechanism".

    All the while feeling immense guilt, because at some level I feel that what I'm doing isn't ok for some reason, that I'm a freak and wrong.

    I'm not trying to milk sympathy, I just haven't really ever really done anything like this I guess, and I'm not sure what to say and I thought I should just be honest...

    Anyways, I also like video games, philosophy, fantasy novels, history, political theory, steampunk, oddities, etc etc, it just goes on and on...There's nothing that can't be at least explored and appreciated for something.

    This was alot harder to write then I thought, and if I said anything wrong I'm sorry...

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    Man, you can't "say anything wrong"...!

    Welcome, and thankyou for a really in-depth Introduction! You'll definitely find some people to your tastes here!

    Might I add that I respect your stance on new experiences - I could remind myself of that now and again!

    Any favourite video games and novels?

    Dan x

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    I really enjoy RPG's and stuff similar, although my all time favorite are the elder scrolls games. I've got a more hours then I care to mention on Oblivion...

    As for novels, I'm currently re-reading The Wheel of Time, which is an amazing book if you haven't read it, and I always loved the Last Herald of Valdemar series.

    Any fav's of yours?

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    Another New Yorker whoo!
    Any particular point in history that suits your fancy?
    Welcome hope you enjoy the boards.

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