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Thread: 1/3 of UK adults still have a teddy bear

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    Default 1/3 of UK adults still have a teddy bear

    How's that for a headline; A third of adults are still taking their teddy to bed

    A third of adults take their teddy to bed | Mail Online

    I don't know how true it is, but I'm believing the hell out of it!

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    I don't see this as a big deal since they are just plushies.

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    That's really sweet. I know most people still have their childhood teddy somewhere. I remember The Guardian wrote an article about five men and their teddy bears once which was adorable. I like that people take them travelling too: that's lovely. I find that loads of childish habits are quite normal or quite excepted among people, like sucking your thumb or sleeping with a teddy bear. It's nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I don't see this as a big deal since they are just plushies.
    Me neither, just some think this could be a sign that people are AB's I guess.

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    It is kind of interesting, because people front a lot about that kind of thing. A long while back on another forum there was a whole post your desk thread, and I posted mine. I had a pretty big teddy next to it . He keeps me company if I am working from home, because that normally means 12+ hours of work. A lot of people really got ridiculously, strangely aggressive about it because grown men don't have stuffed animals, are you a woman or something blah blah blah. I thought it was weird because I know a lot of guys, guys far older than me, with a teddy bear or two in their bedrooms. Maybe it is just because we are all gay weirdos or something.

    I mean, I understand people who look if I have my bear out in public. Yah, that isn't very usual, but in my bedroom?

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    I doubt the number is that high.
    After all 95% of Statistics are wrong you know.
    /stupid joke

    Seems too high to me so i bout it's that much. 1/4 I could believe but 1/3?
    I just somehow doubt it.

    Either way, glad to know I won't be the only one.

    ...I'm never giving up my bear. Ever.

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    I totally believe it. I don't see why it is so hard to believe. If this decade has taught me anything it is that the more a person protests that they don't do something the more likely they do it.

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    I just don't believe it because of the fact it's a statistic.
    Often times it's either higher or lower by a large margin than one may think.

    Or to put simply, I can't believe it unless 100% of the (adult) population is polled.
    Also since 100% was not taken you also gotta ask yourself... just who are they polling?
    A lot of times with polls, pollers or the people who run it will be more than likely to look at certain backgrounds of people in order to get the result they want.
    The only way to not ask yourself this, logically I mean, is to poll 100% or the target population (in this case adults - and by target I mean the group they are going after, just not a certain portion of the target).

    So, yeah, being a skeptic by nature I can't believe it. Eh, for all I know it can be larger... or smaller. Don't know unless they poll 100%.

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    I'd be more inclined to believe if the info came from a Gallop poll. Some papers and web sites are just rags. However, I'll probably die in my sleep clutching my big teddy bear so add me as one more.

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