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Thread: What's Going On Here?

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    Default What's Going On Here?

    If this has been posted before, then I apologise. First of all some information: I'm 19, healthy (no illnesses etc), eat a healthy balanced diet, drink enough water etc. Lately (since February 2010) I have awoken in the morning (or afternoon if it's the weekend!) and discovered that I have had a BM. It happens even when I'm not wearing a nappy.

    It started in Feb as I said and it only happened once or twice a month. However since August it's been happening most mornings. I wake up and I've either had a BM or am in the process of having one. It's completely involintariy as well.

    I'm just wondering what's going on here? I used to have problems like this when I was younger (say 11 till I was 12) during the day but rarely at night so I'm wondering if its back or if something else is going on?

    If anyone can give me information etc I'd be happy.

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    I'll make an appointment with the doc, but I am a bit concerned about how to bring it up with him/her. I am too proud and too easily embarrassed to say "I'm crapping the bed!" lol (obviously I wouldn't say that but that's the gist of it all really :P).

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    Well, its an important issue, so you need to tell him/her, that the only way to finally figure out what the problem is. I don't think anyone here can diagnose this....unless one of us subscribes to webMD.

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    Does anyone have any advice on to how to bring it up? Like what would you say personally if it was you speaking to your doctor?

    I need to swallow some self-pride but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on what to say to the doctor so that it's not embarrassing to me? How to "broach the subject" I think is the correct term.


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    Cool I think that's a good way of doing it - thanks. It;s short, to the point and isn't as gory as I'd end up saying :P

    I'll make an appt. tomorrow morning when the surgery is open and see what the doctor says about my problem. Thanks for helping me out

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    Butterfly Mage


    This might be a dumb question, but have any of your medicines changed? Also, have you been using any of these newfangled diet supplements. One of the new ones (Alli) is pretty notorious in causing fecal incontinence in otherwise healthy people.

    You should definitely see a physician. Incontinence of any kind is ALWAYS a side effect of some other health condition. It's pretty easy to get temporary incontinence if you have an infection, and it's also easy to treat.

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    I'm not on any prescribed medication and haven't been for about 2 years, and any other medication is just paracetamol or codeine whenever my back hurts.

    I'm not on any diet supplements or weight loss pills etc, I heard about "alli oops!" incidents but I'm not on that so it's not that. My diet has been constant since March, with only a fish and chips or carry out once a month. Other than that I'm living on vegetable, chicken, fruit, fish and brown bread.

    I only drink at the weekend, and that's only on two days at the most (ironically it never seems to happen the morning after a booze-up!).

    I'll see what the doctor says when I see him/her whenever I can get an appointment - there's not enough doctors to cover the area so getting an appointment can take forever at the best of times sadly.

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