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    Default Which would you recommend?

    I haven't bought adult diapers for a while now and I want to try some more nationwide companies rather than get ripped off by local suppliers. I have narrowed my search for diapers down to just 4 and I wondered if you could assist me in picking the right one. The qualities i'm looking for most are:

    • Absorbancy (would like it very absorbant)
    • Discreet Packaging (if you have used the suppliers, do you have any experiences?)
    • Not too thick (want to be able to wear and wet under fairly loose jeans in public
    • Price isn't an issue, although box size might be - don't want a HUGE box

    Here are the select few:
    Buy 3b - MoliCare Super Plus, Medium online now from Dorset Nursing the specialist medical supply company (MoliCare Super Plus)
    Buy 3c - Abri-Form Medium Extra online now from Dorset Nursing the specialist medical supply company (Abri-Form Extra)
    Incontinence Products UK - All In One Incontinence Diapers - Night Time All In One (Medium) (Tender Night) (Least Favourite)
    Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diapers Store (Cuddlz)

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    abriforms are pretty cool. they are kinda what your looking for. (although i am not a diaper encyclopedia and havent really tried any of the others and i am not adult so that may affect your search)

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    "very absorbant" and "not too thick" are going to be at odds with each other when you select. It's a dial, with one on the left and the other on the right, and you can only tun the dial to determine how much of each you get.

    Most strictly medical places seem to lack all discreetness when it comes to shipping. Unless you hear otherwise, assume anyone NOT specifically mentioning selling to AB/DB or having discrete shipping will have their name and product type plastered all over the package, and on the bill.

    I'm beginning to think there's a serious market for discrete diaper sales out there... I mean some central place people can go to, with say a variety of youth-friendly payment options, wide selection of brands, support for shipment of smaller quantities and mixes of brands or even a selection of "variety packs", with guaranteed discrete shipping.

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