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Thread: Why it sucks to be incontinent

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    Default Why it sucks to be incontinent

    Idk if this has already been posted up anywhere here on Adisc, but heres a ton of reviews from people who have to wear 24/7 about why it sucks. So to anyone who wants to have to wear 24/7, read what these people have to say first.

    What Would it be Like to Wear Diapers 24/7

    If this link has already been posted anywhere on this site, then remove this thread if needed.

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    ya there is a few of them on here already. i blew up and said my peace a while back on it when i saw some ppl saying they would do things to their body to make them that way. then i got pointed to other posts too.

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    see that thread labeled Incontinent - WHY????!!!!, that is another thread about this, and would being incontinent ruin your life (although that one is more indirect, more so focusing on those that lose unwillingly). That one is only a few topics below the one right below this one, I worry for this forums attitude to people that like to experiment against the norm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faren View Post
    see that thread labeled Incontinent - WHY????!!!!, that is another thread about this. I worry for this forums attitude to people that like to experiment against the norm.
    It's just that this 'experiment' is permanent and the people here who are incontinent are trying to warn other people from making a huge mistake. Noone's saying you can't do it, it is after all your own body, but the majority of the people who want to become incontinent just haven't thought it through.

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    oh it's permanent? I have read people asking for help about it, yet this is the first time I saw that. I still want to do it, some day, but at least I will know more about it (if only more people replied with facts rather than opinions). If they are asking around btw it means they are thinking it through, and even doing research. At least you haven't gone on a rant about your bad experiences to try to scare me out of it, and for that I thank you.

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    *fact* set aside a budget about $1400USD/yr. depending on which diapers you use your usage can be from 2 to 5 a day. Sometimes more. Also medical costs for additional tests (altho you might not have much of this in your case unless something goes wrong - then your in for it!) depending on if you are only urinary or both. Get ready for UTIs, infections, rashes, etc. Cost for just diapers alone average me about $108/mo. I get 780case wipes for $25.

    Pros to being incon? - maybe 3 or 4.
    Cons to being incon? - living in the real world - toooo many to list and no exaggeration but it just wouldn't be proper to tie up that much bandwidth or make a list so long no one would bother reading it.
    Pros about it being a fantasy - almost unlimited to the point fantasy affects reality and common sense.

    Can I (and so many others) still have a life being incon? - Yes. Does it suck aside from the 'ageplay/regression/*B side? - yes.
    Now if you are going to be full time in that -aside- area then you are going to have the most fun in your life being incon!
    If you want to mess yourself up without even sampling what it's like other than imagining - you really need to talk to some people.

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    Again R1214, thank you for not going on a rant about how terrible it is to be incontinent.

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    Well, I am not incontinent myself so I have nothing to 'rant' about ;p. I was merely telling you why the people who are incontinent and can speak from experience try to talk people out of it.
    But you have to understand though, how they can get 'angry' and 'rant' at someone who's willing to just give up something that they would love to get back. And while I know it's not what you want to hear, I do think you can learn a lot from their 'rants'.

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    I don't listen to rants, I've heard to many in my life to care what treasures they have buried in them anymore.

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    Faren.. Rants can be just like good reviews if it's not in a troll way.. When people on here rant about how it sucks to be incontinent, they're letting you know the cons to it and trying to save you from screwing up your whole life alltogether. And that includes love life! Listen to rants.. You never know what you could learn..

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