Today's update did four things:

  1. Fixed various little bugs around the site. (such as the incorrect text on some blog pages)
  2. Added the "Articles" section to the menu bar, for logged-in members.
  3. Re-enabled the "Mobile" skin which allows you to more easily browse ADISC on your mobile phone.
  4. Added a line to the bottom of the page, explaining what ADISC stands for, and the minimum resolution requirements for using it.

The articles section is still in beta (read: experimental, and may have bugs) - but it is intended to showcase the best of ADISC - the reviews, howtos, tips, tricks, and general helpful advice that make our community so great.

The mobile skin for ADISC can be selected by going to the absolute bottom-left corner of the screen, clicking "Blue Skin" and then selecting "Mobile Skin (Experimental)".
To get out of the mobile skin, use the "Return To Normal View" link at the top of any page.