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Thread: Ugliest Car

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    Ok we've had several threads envolving what people drive and what their various favorite car is... so its time for something new.

    What do you think is the ugliest car ever made? Please post a picture, the make, model, and year (year range).

    These are some of my top picks from the American market...
    The single ugliest car I have ever seen is the Scion xB, all model years.
    This car is literally a box on wheels.

    I give the award for ugliest brand to Dodge.
    First they invented the pre-1995 Grand Caravan. Also one of the ugliest vechicals ever.

    Then they changed the design to look about as good as anybody could possible make a minivan look, but then came 2007...
    And it was out with the good and back in with the ugly.

    I appoligize, but i couldn't really find a picture that capture the ugliness of the new caravan. But if you have seen it in person, then you should agree with me that it is ugly.
    What do yall think?
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    I don't think it looks too bad. I actually kind of like it. :happy:

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    +1 for the Scion xB. What i hate most about this box on wheels is that people try to make it go as fast as a race car while maintaining the aerodynamic efficiency of a door in a windstorm.

    I have one from my list:

    One of the worst cars i have ever seen. Terrible lines, ugly front end, bad color choices...enough said

    I have more but they are more modified cars than stock ones.

    I would like to see some picks from overseas cars.

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    This is a 1990 Ford Escort. Earlier ones I liked, but for 1990, Ford (USA) modernized the taillights but didn't do anything of note to the rest of the bodywork. The Escort GT, as pictured above, looks OK, but to see an Escort LX with the revised taillights is just wrong!

    Subaru SVX. I hate the windows, and the overall dimensions look funky. Like an earlier Ford Probe driven into the prohibited zone around Chernobyl. Thanks, Subaru.

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    Here is my pick this is just two of the uglest cars I know of

    This was fords entry into the super ugly

    What's up with photobucket, I know the pacer and the edsel were ugly but it's nothing to get pissed about
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    Aww... y'all are choosing the cars with personality and calling them ugly.

    I will agree that the new Caravan is a big arse box on wheels. But the 1st generation Scion xB was cute. The SVX has that classic 80's styling to it that will never get old... like the Daytona, Fox body Mustang, or a DeLorean.

    The Aztec was useless... and is probably the ugliest car of all time.

    I think the new Scion xB looks like crap.

    The Chevy Avalanche falls into the same category as the Aztec... half plastic and can't decide what it wants to be.

    What is with the unpainted plastic anyways? It doesn't look rugged or off-road... it just looks like they forgot to paint the bottom half of the car.

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    I think the new xB looks OK, but there was absolutely NOTHING WRONG with the last xB. I liked its edginess. If the SVX were a bit smaller, it would look a little better. But the windows are unforgivable.

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    Interesting everybody.
    I'm sorry but I'm very country and I will never think that "urban" look remotly cool.

    Heres another one to add to the list. And quite an interesting car too. It is driven but two very different kinds of people. There are the the super flashy, urban people and trophy wives. Ladies and Gentelmen I present the cadalic escalade.

    If they put any more chrome and flashyness on it, it would prob be illegal.

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    or blind you when you drive past it on a sunny day. Actually, I'll bet it already can do that.

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