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Thread: Dry 24/7s... holy frak you've got to see these beasties. [review]

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    Default Dry 24/7s... holy frak you've got to see these beasties. [review]

    Dry 24/7s are a relative newcomer to the market. They've been around maybe a year and a half or so. This February I convinced them to send me a free sample pack (which they graciously made 4 diapers, instead of 2) for the purposes of review. Like a true man of my word I... wore one and then forgot about it. Thankfully I still had 3 more


    Wow. Just wow. So let's start at the beginning.

    I put it on late one night. It felt pretty darned soft, and I could just barely detect somewhat of a vintagey diaper smell as I was putting it on. The plastic is thick and provides a good balance between crinkle/babyish feel and discreetness. Unlike Bambinos, you can hide these under your shorts and not hear too much. The other major thing differentiating Dry 24/7 is that they are fluffy. Bambinos are like wearing cardboard on your genitals; Dry 24/7 is closer to a pillow. You might have to keep your legs apart to avoid busting a nut though.

    The tapes (4 of them - 2 on each side) aren't immediately clear. They have these interesting blue things on them. Those are actually part of the tapes - you have to tape them down. You can then pull off the white tab and rather securely re-fasten it to the existing blue landing strip. You would think you can put the white tab in a different place, but it doesn't work for some reason. So you can't rip off the tabs and tighten the diaper after you use it and it starts to sag. Place those tapes wisely the first time!

    As far as using this diaper goes, you will be amazed. This can take 3-4 good size wettings if you exercise just a little care as to where the pee goes. It's not that good at wicking, but it makes up for it tenfold with its absorbency. Truly unbelievable.

    The elastic waistband is above par, in that it continues to hug your waist for a while after you put the diaper on and it feels comfortable, but it will eventually get fully stretched out.

    Like the wiki article mentions, Dry 24/7 runs a little big (and so do their prices). If you ordinarily fit a medium, I strongly recommend getting the small/medium sample pack and trying both before you order your first bag or case. The medium brief I tried fit me, but the two top tapes almost met at the ends. So I could probably get away with a small. Good thing too because a 72ct case of small diapers is $25 cheaper than a 72ct of medium.

    The second last thing I did before taking this diaper off after 30 hours (and no cheating, going "out the side door", etc.) was flood it with a 5th (I think) wetting. I don't think it leaked, but it seemed like it was about to, and the sheer weight of 4 wettings already in there didn't exactly help the leg guards stick to my butt. So there wasn't much left to be expected of this thing before physics pretty much took over.

    OR so I thought. The LAST thing I did was get in the shower. With the diaper on. Mind you, I've done this with a lot of diapers, and I know how to avoid disaster (i.e. gel down the drain). The diaper swelled to a huge size before I finally gave up and took it off.

    Bottom line: I really honestly think these are worth what Dry Care charges for them. Bambinos have nothing against Dry 24/7s' absorbency.


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    Ahhh, yes. These things are beastly. I just wish they kept their pink outer layer for large instead of turning it to a neutral peach.

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    Pics, if possible please.

    And That seems pretty good.

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    Thanks for the review/ information, Danny. I will be looking into trying some of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyTheNinja View Post
    You might have to keep your legs apart to avoid busting a nut though.
    Sounds like more of a plus than a minus

    Excellent review btw.

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    i've tried a sample pack before, but this was back when they had only 2 sizes. They have a better range these days, but the old ones we're VERY impressive, i went a day in them before ditching. Nice to see they're still going strong

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    They sound wonderful. ♥

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