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Thread: How many abs are there?

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    Default How many abs are there?

    It suddenly occurred to me ... we are quite a secretive group of people. Even the most robustly guiltfree of us doesn't go about trumpeting the fact that he or she wears diapers. (The only person I've ever told is an ex-girlfriend - after we'd split.) There are just a few of us who get a kick out of showing the world their diapered backsides ...

    So I wonder in fact how many ab/dls there are in the world?

    Probably millions ....

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    Who knows?

    If this is a roll call, Guten Tag.

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    Over.... 9,000?

    ::gets banned::

    Anyways to be serious, I would guess well over 250,000 though. But really no ones taken a census and even if they did it wouldn't be precise.

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    Hahaha. A lot more then any of us can probably logically calculate. Though, I guess that's a good thing. Also take the DL's, TB's, and baby furs into account. ^_^ Yup... we just keep popping up. Like turnips!

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    There are probably a LOT out there. There are us (adisc and other online people) that "practice" or at least keep in touch with it. Then there are the people who have let it rot in the back of the mind. The people that shun it. And the people who dont even know that they are in the first place. So all that would hav to add up to a large number, I think...

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    I don't see there being any logical way to calculate being that we are such a fractured and spread out group of people.....but if some one figured out a reliable way to calculate the numbers I think it would throw the mental health profession for a loop.....with there being some 6 billion people on the planet I don't think it would a stretch to guess a quarter of a million are amoung us but I think there are more dl's then ab's and there are also quite a few who are in the dark and still think they are the only ones with a dirty little secret....

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    This is interesting, Guess what, in New York City, [which is over 8 million residents] (BTW the city reports more than 1 million are "on welfare", one of the reasons the taxes are so high!!) theres not many people (apparently) into "this. There seems to be less AB/TB/DLs than smaller cities such as Boston.
    Also Philly is a big city (5th or 6th largest city in USA i believe) and the people there say its very hard to find anyone out there.
    I wonder if in Shanghi or Beiging (huge cities) if there is a big AB/TB/DL population....

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    I dunno, I always see a lot of AB/DL people on different sites that are into this kinda stuff from NYC.

    And honestly, I've thought about this... I have no idea. Hehe.

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    It is something that we all downplay so much that we can only potentially guess based on our online members.

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    Well...there are certainly enough of us to drive a thriving *B/DL economy. Take Bambinos, and ABUniverse for example... And take a look around the web at just how manysites there are world wide that are dedicated to *B/DL intests. None of these companies or sites would exisit if the business wasn't there...


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