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    Hey I just joined. I'm a 15 year old teen baby. I've never had access to diapers or anything close so its still just a fantasy.I've thought about going out and trying to get them but never worked up the guts. Other than being a tb I'm in the 10th grade, i play soccer, am in the school plays, and play tennis. Just stumbled upon this site while on google so I thought I'd join.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here on the site. So, what kinds of plays have you performed in your school so far? And BTW are you a New York Yankees fan?

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    Nope sorry. I'm a Mets Fan. Kind of a sad existence but i live with it. And last year we just did Fiddler on the Roof

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    Hey but its always better than a Red Sox fan. Kinda feel bad especially since y'all lost today (we did too to the Royals ughh). And what role did you have in Fiddler On The Roof?

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    I was just some minor Russian. Had a few lines but nothing major since I was a freshman.

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    Welcome to adisc....I also play soccer and tennis
    what position you play for soccer

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    Hope you have fun here, learn, share, and meet new friends as a active member here!
    =) Oh, I've been a Yankee Fan since I was a baby BUT, i have many relatives and friends who are Mets fans! The parking at CitiField is 10x better than "bronx parking" at Yankee Stadium! Hope we get another subway series! Jets or Giants? (Giants won tonight in the 1st game @ the new "meadowlands stadium"

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    I'm mostly a Giants fan but I'll support the Jets also. And Jex I play right wing offense in soccer

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