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Thread: Generic greeting, everyone.

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    Default Generic greeting, everyone.

    Hey all, thought I'd best introduce myself, what with this being the introductions section an' all.

    Right, now I get to the bit I really enjoy; Sorry, but this is going to be a big post. There's a lot to tell and one thing I love more than anything else is talking about me . (I'm mostly joking, naturally).

    One of my preferred nicknames is 'Dog' so I guess that's what y'all can call me if you want... I'll just say that it's 'cause I'm a (mostly) canine furry, not some sort of neo-militaristic gang name.

    I found ADISC while looking at general incontinence support/information after my bladder exploded (ok, so that's an exaggeration but I swear it felt like it when it happened!) and figured I'd join up and make a contribution... or accidentally say the wrong thing and get kicked off within a week .
    My interest in diapers (yeah, I call 'em by the generally accepted term even though they're not called that here in good ol' Blighty) was with me LONG before I needed them. I'm 99% d'fur but there's always that teeeeeny little bit of cub just waiting for an excuse to show up... but it's usually just the whole sleeping with plushies sort of stuff that's debatably not necessarily ab-based anyway.
    I'd like to make a request here; I know a lot of cubs/abs/tbs/dls/etc have desires for incontinence but I'd rather not be told "how lucky I am". Obviously I can't stop you, and if you want to voice that opinion I'll respect and defend your right to do so. I know it sounds a bit of a weird request but I've been told that elsewhere and I just found it to be a little insensitive.

    Obviously being a d'fur made it a little easier to accept the need for diapers but not really having a choice was a little awkward. Still, being cursed with a positive outlook I've found benefits to this, just as I do with most things. I no longer have to worry about missing any important parts of a movie. As I do a bit of online gaming not having to take a bathroom-break right at the point we're pummeling a boss is useful. It's also made me a more productive worker since I now only need a few bathroom-breaks a day in order to change. (Is it just me or did that last bit sound a little stereotypically "for the glorious soviet motherland" sort of thing?).
    I still enjoy my diapers when appropriate... I just also have a lot of time now when I'm not enjoying them, they're just a fact of my life.

    As for other hobbies, profession and schtuffs; I'm an artisan/craftsman focusing on metal-sculpting and engraving but I do all sorts of things, freelance and commission-based.
    I'm a videogamer, mostly console based because my archaic laptop can't really handle any of the big names on the PC-based circuit. I also play the standard board games, Monopoly and the like as well as some of the non-board games... though things like Twister kind of went out of the window recently .
    I'm a big reader, my favourite author being James Herbert, and I try to write whenver I get any free time... I haven't had anything published yet but there's still time, right?
    I love a good horror movie... though most of today's can't hold a candle to the classics, Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)... you know the sort I mean.

    Now here's my own personal miscellany.
    I have a general and stress-induced CDO (kinda like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order... just like they should be!). Basically, I have a nasty habit of correcting stuff if I don't keep a handle on myself. Some things I can get myself to just let it drop if I catch myself but there are some things whereby if i don't correct them I start suffering... 'effects'... so if I do happen to correct you on anything, just don't take it personally, ignore me, and everything'll be fine... usually. (Oh, the stories I could tell you).
    The other thing you should know is that I often spend a fair bit of time away from internet access so I can't always guarantee to be around... but I'll still contribute when I can.

    So, after that HUGE introduction there, I think that's enough information but if there's anything else you want to know just ask... can't guarantee I'll give an answer but it's not like I'll judge you for asking .

    As this is such a long one here's the tl;dr version; the name's Dog. I'm a gamer, sculptor/artist, d'fur/cub/dl and inco though not through choice and not enjoying it.
    Came here looking for inco info/support and hoping I can make a meaningful contribution.
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    Welcome to ADISC! This isn't a generic introduction D: This is an exceptionally done introduction! I hope you enjoy your time here on the site and I feel as though you have summed up what we ask of our members on their intros and have made it all your own. Do you write any stories of your own?

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    Thanks tk, it's good to be here.

    The "generic" reference was actually aimed more at the greeting than the introduction... I just couldn't think of any other way of saying 'hello' without actually saying hello.
    I was worried that the intro may have been too long though, hence the addition of the tl;dr section at the end to account for the proportion of the internet with that short an attention span (almost a sad commentary on something or other that I felt the need to include it really, especially in an intro, isn't it?) but I'm glad I was able to live up to expectations .

    Yeah, I do a bit of writing but I've not really put my talents towards diaper related stories yet (or short stories in general, come to think about it). I tend to focus my literary skills more around horror, sci-fi, dabbled a little in fantasy writing... only had a few survive through to anything I'd call a manuscript yet and literary agents have all given me a similar brush off so far ("We aren't taking on any new writers at the moment", nothing I can glean any useful information out of) but I gotta keep at it, lose hope in what you do and you lose sight of who you are, right?.
    Maybe I'll turn my talents towards stories whenever I get the chance. I don't get a lot of time for my own personal projects but I'll see what I can do.
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    Shalom and welcome to ADISC. read that you were a fur.please tell what kind of furry are you?

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    SORRY, I'm afraid "Generic greeting" has become the new generic greeting! You'll have to throw some random letters together and hope they make words! I suggest using R, S, T, L, N, and E. I hear those make a lot of words together.

    Oh, also, welcome.

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    Hmm, the only word that really springs straight to mind when I see those letters is 'rustling' which leaves out the most common letter; e... though it seems somehow appropriate.

    Quote Originally Posted by ironfox View Post
    Shalom and welcome to ADISC. read that you were a fur.please tell what kind of furry are you?
    Species-wise, I'm one of those hybrids that some people seem to hate. I'm a fennec, cheetah and coyote mix in seemingly random proportions. I've fluctuated between the three but never changed species beyond those... unlike some who seem to be a new species every few days. Not that I'm complaining, it just makes it a little hard to keep track of sometimes .
    In appearance the 'sona's a fennec with a patch of grey-brown fur down the back and a cheetah tail (and has been for a while)... though for all I know this could have changed by tomorrow.
    As a furson I'm a spiritual fur (note 'spiritual' not 'religious', the two don't have to go hand-in-hand), but don't worry, I'm not one of those types that's "this is what I believe so you must believe it too!". I feel spirituality can be a personal thing so mine kinda got pieced together from various native american and other beliefs with a little bit of my own filler material in there (hey, it worked for voodoo). That's the part about me that usually puts people off but it usually only comes out if someone specifically asks me about it so there's no real need to worry about it.
    I have three 'spirit guides' and that situationn seems to influence my fursona appearance because they influence the way I percieve myself (on the inside, at least).
    I may be a 'spiritual fur' but don't let that fool you, I'm really an okay guy.
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    thats really cool. I am a new breed of furry I call 'cyberfur" which basically means i'm furry who lives in cyberspace and the internet

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    Kinda reminds me of how I used to be... not so much a cyberfur, I just spent more of my time online than doing anything else... more 'on the internet' than 'in the internet' though, lol.
    Bizarrely, it was actually after my bladder started going norks-skyward that I became a somewhat more active and outgoing person. I just realized that I wanted to start enjoying my life before something happened that could really put the kibosh on it.

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