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    hey guys im kam, irl its spelled with a c, but i think its much cuter with a k. I am a babyfur/TB/DL. and im looking for some one to play with because i can really express myself here on this website and looking to make some new friends. I love to meet people no matter what the age, and share some life experinces (im only 15 but i have some stories to tell and advice to give to other TBs)

    I also like to play lacrosse and run track.
    I love playing on my xbox and computer, i have xbox live just pm me for my gamertag if u want to play. If you have any computer games that u want to play with me just ask!

    It was probably my pre-teen years where i really started to like plushie toys, diapers, etc. but i love them to this point and cant find a reason to stop.

    im looking forward to get to know you all.

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    Hi Kam, welcome to ADISC. Hope you enjoy it here.

    What kind of games do you play?

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    i play all sorts of games from fps to mmo's to rpg's to pretty rts, lol if u dont know wat i just said google it. but im pretty much open to any game, but if it really is dumb i will prolly play it once and be done with it

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    Hey kam,

    Welcome to ADISC We're all glad to have you among us.

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    Lacrosse for the win! Welcome to ADISC.

    What position?

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    I dunno anything about lacrosse, but welcome to adisc!

    you dont have a steam account, do you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claw View Post
    I dunno anything about lacrosse, but welcome to adisc!

    you dont have a steam account, do you?

    no i dont, but i can get one

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here on this site! I am so happy that at least there is another Marylander on the site! Mainland or Eastern Shore?

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