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    So, a few days ago I pick up my very first sewing machine, I have so far made a plushie (well half made, still not fishished), a skirt ^.^ and this...
    My newest home made diaper, my first one made with a sewing machine.

    Even though I still have to get Velcro for it, it's pretty much finished.
    That and I want to make a plastic cover using a plain thick plastic sheet (ie shower curtain) and a few button snaps.

    Tell me what you think (:
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    I like the Colours , what material did you use for the core?

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    I have absolute no clue what type of fabric it is, I used what I could find. I used the good looking fabrics for the out side, and the inside I used a fabric that was falling apart (had many holes). So I took pieces of it and sewed it together.
    I know it was quite fluffy, and it may have been wool, but it was quite light (which may be due that it has been stretched).

    the out side (colourfull peice) is rayon I think, or possible linen, something like that.

    This is what happens when your talking to a person who loves to sew, but knows nothing of fabrics :p

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    lol, it looks good anyway
    i've read about using cheap towels and stuff from like the 99p store, sort of a flannel material which you can trim to shape/size then sew them between two outer layers...

    You said about making a plastic outer layer, do you think you could sew straight to it? maybe put run some glue over the seams to waterproof them a bit?

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    Looks good.

    Hope you used fabrics that are 100 percent cotton or it won't absorb.

    Personally i made prefolds when I do mine, they are thick and absorb like crazy.

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    I tried that once but my sewing skills suck. I went out and bought a bunch of material, but I gave up after making the soaker which looks like crap.

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    Thanks, I'll see if I cant get cotton at the store and add it to it.

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    You can actualy buy diaper material, it says that on the reciept if you arn't nervous to ask.

    And buy 100percent cotton flannel if you can't find or ask for the diaper material.

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    Finishing tip: Sew the two pieces with the outer facing portions facing each other. Sew together all but one of the smaller sides. Turn the sewn item right side in then you can turn the open edges inward and sew them flat. This way you have 0 exposed raw edges of fabric. If you had proper soaker panels you would do the same thing, but sew the panel to one fabric piece first, then after sew back over the stitching so that the two halves join at the soaker.

    There are also a number of decent baby diaper patterns out there with instructions that make it simple to size them up, but they are way more complicated since they are fully fitted with things like leg gather elastics etc.

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