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Thread: Bed messing

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    Default Bed messing

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever had success if bed messing. I know that bed wetting is very easy to do and the cleanup is not so bad if there are leaks. But has anyone ever succesfully messed themselves while sleeping through the night?

    I ask because a few days ago I discovered on waking up I had messed myself during the night. I don't often go to bed in a messy diaper and I didn't then so I knew when I woke up and felt the poop I had succesfully bed messed for the first time in awhile. It was pretty nice feeling and doeasn't happen alot because I don't get the house to myself too often. I can't attempt bed messings whenever mother is home because the stank would make her suspicious.

    I don't really know how it happened. I'm not sick, and didn't eat anything bad. I'm quite sure the subconscious knew mother was not home and that it was completely okay for my poo to stealthily sneak and slide it's way out of my bottom and into the seat of my diaper while asleep. It is rather exciting to wakeup to a very smelly and stinky bedroom and to reach down and squeeze the diaper and hear the squish.

    I'm alone again tonight, friday the 13th. Hopefully I won't get to scawwed and poop myself too much in the night. Here's to hoping!

    But yea, has anyone ever messed while sleeping? Amount does not matter. To have a catastrophe poopy mess all over the sheets, or to have just a tiny little ninja turd slip out, it's all the same. Have you ever messed yourself while napping?

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    Does it count if you do it on purpose?

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    Uhm... way too graphic, if you insist on posting about poop then do so in proper, decent manner. I don't think many people here want to know what you all do in your diaper in such detail, but perhaps that's just me =/

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    i had this dream like years ago when i was 5-6. i dreamed that i was on the toilet taking a poop. i tryed to push as hard as i could. at that moment i woke up and it went right into my pullups. (this happened around the time that i was still in diapers at night for bedwetting) it was a steange creepy dream. it was so real!

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    I don't thinknit counts if you mess on purpose unless you can somehow mess yourself intentionally while asleep which isn't physically possible. Bed messing here means when your body defecates while you are asleep and unaware. So that whn you wake up and feel all poopy and soggy and sticky and slimy and smelly, you pooped yourself overnight.

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    Well either way I haven't because that's rather disgusting.

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    I have, once, messed a little bit right when I was waking up. So weird.

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    well...i did once during a stomach bug :\

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    Ninja turd, lol. I'll be sure to doodle that on monday's lecture.

    Oh, and once, but I was like 5 and I had the flu. Started coughing in my sleep and....well.... at least my favourite sheets weren't on the bed!

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