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Thread: I fail forever at Intros...

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    Default I fail forever at Intros...

    It's true, I do.

    Anyway, I'm Ray (and don't be fooled, I'm Female) but that's not my real name. I dislike going by my real name is all.
    So I only recently got into Paraphilic infantilism in general and me searching it is how I found this site - through some random Wiki I stumbled upon.
    I hope I selected all the info right, I pretty much fail forever at selecting things because I really don't know a lot about myself - in confirmation I mean.

    That being said, I'm totally oblivious to things going on around me most of the time. Unless I don't want to be.

    Originally, on another Forum I started a topic about Omorashi and these two guys were giving me issues about it and this bothered me, which is why I started looking up more on it and after hours of me having no life - I found this site.

    I joined in order to be around others with the same interests as well as to learn more about it.

    If you haven't noticed, I have quite the tendency to ramble on and reiterate myself.

    Some of my other interests include various BDSM stuff, drawing as a hobby, making Anime Music Videos, Anime, solving Puzzles, Capitalizing Random Words Just For Fun, dogs, annoying my relatives (mostly sister and cousins), and toying with peoples minds... just for the heck of it.

    Anyway, I'm almost 18 (in 5 days actually).

    My recent Anime obsessions are:
    - Shiki (my God, I love it!)
    - Highschool Of The Dead
    - Red Garden (not new but I still love it)
    - Princess Resurrection
    - Master of Martial Hearts (Platonic Heart)
    - Black Butler II
    - Franken Fran
    - Soul Eater
    - Hetalia

    But I'm generally open to watch anything, so long as it's good.

    I should also add I'm blunt and straightforward to the point where I come off as rude. I don't try to be rude, mind you, it's just that I come off that way... a lot. Maybe because I tell it like it is without being sensitive.

    Anyway, not much else to add I guess. I hope I'll stay with this forum for a while though. ^^

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    Hey Welcome to ADISC!!

    Im into anime to but i usually fall on the Mecha spectrum of things. as if it wasnt obvious *giggles*
    if you do watch any gundam showI would suggest Gundam 00. its the easiest to watch and is totally awesome.

    also you dont have to worry about being made fun of here. we are all in a pretty similar boat and I know there are a few others into Omorashi too.

    Welcome and if you need anything leave me a message on my profile

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    Welcome to ADISC Ray, As the guy above me said its a pretty neat group of people on this site and everyone is pretty chill If your trying to learn more about Paraphilic infantilism, or *bdl what ever you want to call it i've been looking at information for about a year now if you want i could help ya out. Just drop me a message aswell.

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    Someone call for the only person with an HOTD Icon?

    Anyways greetings, I need to catch up on Hotd, even though it looks to becoming more of a hentai in the making XD.

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    Princess Resurrection rocked! Welcome to ADISC! We don't bite. I'm newish too, hope to see you in the boards! Try Inuyasha, t'was the best. Welcome, again!

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    Thanks for the Welcomes, everyone~
    Daw, I feel so loved.

    @GundamMeister7: Mecha isn't really my thing too much, but I will watch it if it's just one of many themes in an Anime (EX: Code Geass, Innocent Venus). But it's still kinda cool.
    Yup, I figured as much, hence why I joined. lol

    @Yoh: Yes! I did! In this last episode, it sure looks that way. But they censor so much of it... it bother me.

    @ Lilprincessai: It did rock, but I must say the Manga is 1000x better. Aw, you don't? But I like biting! [no really, I do, however I was using it in a joking context]
    I tried Inuyasha, couldn't feel it really.

    I'm more into Horror, Mystery, Action, and Comedy Anime/Manga, personally. Mystery Horror is my favorite though <3
    Which is why Shiki is at the top of my list! *shoots self*

    Anyway, thanks again for the Welcomes!

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    Welcome to adisc.... That intro was pretty good actually. ^^ Um.. I like anime too. So yeah Welcome to Adisc.

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