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Thread: Being A Baby?

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    Question Being A Baby?


    I have been on warp my mind and i downloaded the "curse baby 24 hour" file. (Yes, brave i was but took up the challenge)

    So, anyway, started listening to it, everything was fine.

    When i woke up after the file had ended i felt weird. I dont even have the words to describe it. So anyway. I was lying there and i could feel that my arms and legs were numb. I didnt really pay much attention to it, so i tried to sit up. I sat up for a while, kept looking around me as if i was confused, dont know what was going on at the time? After that, the next thing i remember was feeling my bladder empty. I wet my nappy and only felt it when it was coming out and i couldnt stop it, i tried to though but it didnt work. So, i tried to stand up. I rolled over onto my knees and hands, then i tried to stand up. I couldnt stand straight up but was doing it slowly. While i was doing it, my legs and arms were shaking really badly, as if my legs couldnt take my body weight or something like that?? So i managed to stand up anyway and went to take a step. Lifted one foot off the ground and then i lost my balance and fell to the ground. I tried to grab hold of the edge of my door but i just couldnt grip it, it was the weirdest feeling ever. Back on the ground i tried to talk, although the only thing coming out of my mouth was slabbers and bubbles. I could talk words but they were muffled and you couldnt really understand them.

    Then after about 10 minutes of just lying on the floor looking around, i snapped out of it, dont know what came over me, but i was able to walk and talk again normally.

    It says on the file description that its meant to last 24 hours, though it only lasted 10 minutes for me.

    You might think im talking nonescence but im being truthful here, try it for yourself if you want (the file is free, you dont need to pay)

    Anyone has any experience with these files? Any stories to tell? I'd be curioius to know.


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    I don't really know what your talking about. Could you post a link since Google has failed me?

    Sounds very unnerving though.

    Oh this is a reference to the hypnosis thread.

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    hmm wonder what chaos would ensue if I used that? XD (I would most likely end up in the mental ward)

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    well your story is slightly more believable since you said it only lasted for about 10min. but unless you have been listening to that for a while. im haveing trouble believeing it.

    OR you are VERY suseptable to hypnosis. and if you are. CONGRATS!! ^_^

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    its based off subliminal messaging and hypnosis....some believe in it and some sure the scientific and academic communities dont hold much faith in it although i have been at hypnosis shows and have witnessed people under the guidance of hypnosis and the people under the influence did some strange things. i have heard that some people are immune and others very susceptible....but still i remain a skeptic on whether the files circulating on the internet and on some sites work as well as claimed and my assumption is that it depends on the quality of the file and how well the person listening to the file follows the last thing keep in mind that on a lot of sites including warp my mind any one can post a file on that site...there are no qualifications no vetting process....and i wonder why if the files worked as well as claimed why more people in the community havent been singing the praises of these files....makes you wonder....

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    Alas i am not susceptible to hypnosis and there has never been a file that worked for me.

    HOWEVER! My wife is......(evil smile) Warp my mind files work well on her and if i do it in person it works even better. The best i have done was completely reverting her to a baby for about 5 hours, then she slept it off. (she is not an AB at all) I have also tried a warp my mind file that made her VERY submissive and that was cool.

    My next venture is writing a series to program the perfect mommy subroutines into her for me she's all for it too! She also wants slave files but that's where things get complicated. It takes a lot of thought to program someone for a switch position like that and not hurt them in any way at all.

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    You must be very susceptible to hypnotism for it to work. I've tried WMM files many times, but to very little effect.

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    I heard that sometimes these can have permanent affects, is that true? I would really like to try these sometime, so I hope not..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RawrKittyx3 View Post
    I heard that sometimes these can have permanent affects, is that true? I would really like to try these sometime, so I hope not..
    I doubt it, if anything it's a mental effect for a short time probably.

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