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    What's going on everybody the name is littleman as u can figure out by the name I'm an ab/dl, found this site when I was looking for a new site for diaper stories cuz deekers page doesn't work any more and to be honest some of the stories were creapy and kind of turned me away from his site. anyways the usual stuff you expect in an introduction is I'm 22 work in human resourses, enough of that boreing stuff. I'm an ab/dl been one since I was probualy about 9-10 don't remember for sure. Started because my parents kept me and my sisters in daycare till like 6 th grade cuz we lived in the country and didn't want us to be alone but I saw the little kids in them and want to wear them so I would sneak them from there and since then I've always mannaged to get them. That's about it about me

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    Hey Littleman and welcome to the site. I enjoyed you Faulkner like prose. I'm not sure however, that you will find any stories on our site up to the great writers standards, long run-on sentences and all. I hope the site meets all of your needs, however. We are a diverse group who discuss a wide array of topics, so enjoy.

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