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Thread: Are cartoonist ab/dl's

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    Default Are cartoonist ab/dl's

    In older cartoons when we saw an older character wearing a diaper it was because they were pretending to be a baby. I have seen two cartoons in the last few years where the character was wearing diaper just because he wanted to. one is an episode of sponge bob where Patrick admits he has been changing his on diapers for years. the other is the fairly odd parents where Cosmo admits in several episodes that he wears diapers. Do you know of any other cartoons where the charactor was wearing diapers for reasons other than because he or she was pretending to be a baby?

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    They do that simpley, for comedic effect, and I wouldn't doubt some Cartoonist's are AB/DL's.

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    As Yoh said, some probably are, but I don't think using regression or diaper jokes means you're a AB/DL.

    But I have thought they've used such jokes suspiciously often in the I Am Weasel cartoon...

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    The show that in Loony Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and all those other cartoons like that

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    I think one episode of Johnny Bravo.

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    Add Camp Lazlo, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, and Power Puff Girls to the list..

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    Comical effect or as a way to ease the minds of bed-wetters and such into things like goodnites.

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    Rocko's Modern Life, Filbert says he wears european style undergarments.

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    Family guy has had numerous diaper jokes and what not. Must be at least a dozen, mostly with Joe because of his disability. Not sure if you guys count that as a cartoon reference. It seems though most cartoons for kids have at least one episode where someone gets regressed somehow.

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    their maybe some ab'dl cartoonist but I'm sure most of them use diapers in their cartoons for comic effect or to represent imaturity.
    diapers usually get a good laugh.

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