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Thread: Does anyone have the problem going in public or family/friends

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    Default Does anyone have the problem going in public or family/friends

    I was worring if anyone every had problem going in public or family in there diapers waiting or messing . If you do how did you over come your free to make it easyer to use diapers in this times.

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    I think you just need to get familiar with wetting first so it comes easy when you are alone and then branch out to wetting around people.
    I'm not that good at wetting unless I am alone, wish it was as easy as peeing in a pool.

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    I've never really had a problem wetting in most situations, so the only advice i can give is to just relax and see if it flows. however, I never mess in public,the smell is a dead giveaway if your trying to be discreet and its just impolite when your in the general public.

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    Everything I needed to know about wetting I learned in bed. The trick, for me was to get over the desire to flood, and learn to just let it relax and become this steady tinkle, which just goes most of the time. Once I learn that level of relaxation, it's actually a great key. You learn to relax like that, then, making sure you're padded, you allow yourself to relax to that level again, disengaging your PC muscle, your entire person relaxes. This can help a lot with stressful situations as a whole. The problem for me being that I'm not padded 24/7, and once or twice I've found myself using this relaxation technique to deal with a situation, only to then panic, not knowing if I'd wet (I've not yet wet when I didn't mean to)

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