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    I am new around here. I'm 16, gay, and a DL from Canada. My usual interest are games (mainly PC/360), some cars I guess haha, and nature.

    My general interest for diapers started a few years ago and never actually had the chance to ever buy any. Hopefully by next month I will have my full/graduated license and be able to drive down and get some. I am really looking into getting goodnites as they look nice, and yes I have read that they may not hold a lot but oh well.

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    Welcome to adisc flyby10! Anymore information about yourself you can share? What games do you like to play on the pc and 360?

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    Stuff like Grand Theft Auto 4, Forza, Dirt 2, and Nascar.

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    welcome to ADISC!
    the diaper-liking thing for me started at 11.
    many people here "always" liked/ loved diapers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    what are some of your favorite cars?
    I like the Mustang, Crown Victoria, Camaro, and the 96' Caprice/Impala SS. I still have a few others I like but not near as much as those ones.

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