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Thread: Height questions and Feeted Sleepers and other clothes

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    Default Height questions and Feeted Sleepers and other clothes

    Is anyone aware of non custom made clothes that would fit someone who is 6'8"? I was looking through the Jumpin Jammerz site but the XL is listed at 6'7" maximum height so I'm not sure if it would be uncomfortable. Same question applies to onesies. I'm just too tall.

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    Just going to give this a slight bump. I'm thinking about trying out those XL and then updating you guys here if it doesn't fit. Otherwise it's looking like I might have to custom order everything. Would like some help from people more in the know. Thanks. :3

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    You're probably better of directing questions like this directly to the retailers to see if they make anything that would fit you. Almost every retail online store will have an email address you can send questions to.

    Someone recently suggested Forever A Kid Adult Baby Clothing - Home Page in another thread, I see on their website that they are willing to do custom work, why don't you email them and ask them some questions?

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    Making something like that for your height would not be hard at all. As long as one has all the proper measurements needed then they could make it for you. I love to sew and used to make costumes for myself and this would not be hard at all... it would just take more fabric in certain pieces. Makes no sense why they can't offer that to you in your height.

    I want to make myself a footed sleeper as well... they are soo cute!!

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