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Thread: I've been using Infantilism as a way to reduce my sexdrive.

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    Default I've been using Infantilism as a way to reduce my sexdrive.

    Alright well.... a while back me and my fiancee had a talk. She didn't like it when I watched porn. It bothered her. I also didn't like it either mainly because I'd do it about 10 times a day for 30 to hour long periods... It consumed a lot of my time. (I was also on MSN or browsing the web while doing it) Anyway I decided to cut down.... so far it's on average of one a day. but With the help of Infantilism... if I feel the urge to watch porn I just suckle on a paci. @[email protected] odd isn't it? So I've found out that for some odd reason Infantilism reduces my sex drive. Yet Diapers are a sexual fetish. So I'm like WTF?! Kind of oxy moronic but I think I've successfully demoted diapers into the comfort range and only allow them erotic when I want them to be in a sense.

    So what do you guys think? Do any of you have infanitlism tied so closely to your sex drive or not?

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    Diapers are a big part of my sexual drive, but that's it. Anything baby related is just relaxing and in no way sexual. If I treat diapers like a regression tool then they have no sexual appeal to me. So yes, I can use infantilism to reduce my sex drive... I just don't often do it.

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    It's interesting to see this because I thought I was the only one who had some ponderings over sex drive and Infantilism. I'll try to sum up what my deal is without writing a novel...

    My girl and I have VERY different sex drives. Delicately put, I have the drive of a 14 year old boy; it never stops. My girl, on the other hand, has verrrry minimal drive. While I do like innocent regression, I also enjoy a sense of being dominated and maybe even being mildly embarrassed/degraded. That, of course, is where diapers, etc, sometimes came into play with our sex life. It took my lady a while to tell me that she thought I was tapping into my infantile things a little too often, but once she did, I made sure that she had what she wanted with no roleplay whatsoever. It was all going backwards before this anyway because I would frequently regress to deal with my sex drive not being satisfied. Anyhow, I've learned to handle a level of balance and all that jazz, but I do sometimes find myself using Infantilism as a way to quell my sex drive a bit.

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    Yeah sort of ive used a pacifier with no type of turn on, but every time i think of a diaper or watch/ read porn (its normaly *bdl related) its the biggest turn on in the world. :/

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