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Thread: Bill McCollum in Florida

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    Default Bill McCollum in Florida

    I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but this man is the first in a long time that has actually made me want to punch him just be existing. He has decided that not only should gays be allowed to marry, not be allowed to adopt children, but they shouldn't be allowed to be foster parents either. He is siting his religious beliefs among other things.

    If there is anyone in Florida, please make sure you go out on election day and say no to bigotry.

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    Yeah man i'm sick of him. You should have seen the debate he was in with Rick Scott last week.

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    Rick Scott's stance on gays makes me ill as well, but I don't think its such a priority for him. McCollum's comments about the whole gay adoption thing absolutely made me sick, and angry that I'm a Republican. The issue I have with the Republican party is they have gone so far off the deep end, there is no middle ground anymore.

    Slightly off topic, but I am a fiscal conservative, but when I look of the Republican party which is supposed to be that way as well, I see so much waste, and frivolous spending that we look like the traditional 'tax and spend' Democrat. The Democrat party has gone the exact other direction.

    All I know is, I'd rather have Rick Scott be our candidate and just try to deal with the mess he will create later. Can we just go with no Governor instead because none of them look like they'd be the least bit good for our state.

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    I'm kind of lost in the political arena. Republicans tend to have backwards, socially draconian policies. Democrats are slightly better in this regard, but they've got nightmarish fiscal policies. Republicans are...well, they've got fiscal policies ranging from "ehh...okay..." to "well, that might be a step above his opponent." I don't know if it is even worth voting anymore. Almost no matter who I pick (unless I waste my vote on a third party candidate), I'm sure to pick someone who is not going to represent me in any way.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I get really tired of people citing the Buy-Bull as a source of unassailable morality. The last time I checked, the Christian holy text supported slavery, polygamy, and genocide. It allows for people to be put to death for working on Saturday. It allows for sons to be stoned to death for coming home drunk and girls to be stoned to death for premarital sex. It allows financially challenged parents to sell their children.

    Why the heck is this book even remotely referenced for moral content?! The Bible is a completely bogus hack that masquerades as holiness.

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    I think you're mistaking a long list of laws for an ancient, 3,000 year old society as being somehow relevant to the modern day.

    Not to say that some Christians don't pick and choose things out of there to be convenient, but still.

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