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Thread: Ahoy hoy sailor!

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    Default Ahoy hoy sailor!

    Hi hi hi, I'mmm Selkie.
    So, I'm pretty bad at writing about myself.
    I am not a *B or anything per se but I find the community in itself very very interesting and I'm such a mom at heart, it sort of brings that out in me, haha.

    A bit about me!
    I play the harp (love love love), violin, piano, and guitar. I'm an artist-sort-of-thing and I live in Portland, Oregon, but my hometown (land?) is Tomsk, Russia.
    I've also been a ballerina fooor eight glorious years and I love dance. <3
    Fun fact: I can moonwalk en pointe.
    It's pretty awesome.

    ...And that's about it. 0: Don't mind me, just spectator-ing it up for now.
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    Well hello all the same! I'm sure we all hope you can feel part of the group, even if you don't necessarily share our interests!

    I'm most impressed by your vast creative talents - that's quite a few instruments you play - and my boyfriend is originally from Finland, with some Russian in him, too, so... I have a small connection (in my mind) to Russia!

    Tell us more about this "artist-sort-of-thing" that you do...

    Dan x

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    I'm sure I will! This community is so accepting and wonderful. D: I am such a fan.
    And yeah, I have sort of strict parents who really stressed the 'you must excel at everything!' deal. I've tried out more instruments but I tend to get sick of them really fast.

    Artist-sort-of-thing-wise, I'm a junior at an arts magnet school and I do a lot of painting and sculpture. c: Mostly surrealist stuff. I'll upload a painting maybe if I get to regular status.

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    See... I wish my parents had pushed me harder in some respects like that. I started guitar for a year, gave it up. Recorder, gave it up. Swimming, gave it up. So... I feel comparatively talentless!

    Would definitely like to see some of your stuff. I have a friend at Uni doing glass & ceramics, so has been doing some sculpture work. It's caught my eye and I find it more and more interesting!

    Dan x

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    Please! It's not all that great considering I have nowhere to go with a lot of the stuff they made me learn. xD It's really stressful, and I'm bad at coping, so it sort of takes it's toll anyway.

    Well, I'd love to upload stuff if I could figure out how-- is it true you have to be a regular or whatnot to upload pictures or an avatar? D: If not I cannot figure out how.

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    Well... I'm pretty new on here myself, and I have an avatar, profile pic, and have uploaded a picture of my chinchilla, so... If you go to Gallery, you might be able to

    As for having nowhere to go, that can't be true! That's quite a variety of instruments, and plenty of people make a living from being an "artist-sort-of-thing"...!

    Dan x

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    HA, I figured it out and now I feel silly. o: Thank you muchly!

    Well, as long as I get into a good school I'm not TOO worried. xD It's just a lot of stress sometimes.

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    Welcome welcome welcome! C: I, too, am jealous of your artistic-ness. I'm torn between learning the keyboard/piano and the guitar. So torn, in fact, I've made absolutely no headway on either one.

    BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Miss music, what kinds of music do you like?

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    wow Russia? that is awesome, I want to go there sometime in the future (took a basic course on conversational Russian, would help if I remember how to write most of it though xD). how long has it been since you left Russia?

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    @Akiashi: Thank you muchly! 0: Protip: piano/keyboard is more applicable, you should play it. Also, if you learn piano, you'll pick up any learning other instrument about ten times faster than if you play guitar. It's the best starter instrument imaginable (besides harp but that's more obscure!).

    @Coyote_Howl: I left in second grade, so it's been about eight/nine years now. Long enough for me to be fluent in english. xD Still got a little bit of an accent though.

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