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    Question For those with some control...

    Okay - so I have found myself in and out of diapers for the last few years due to sporadic control issues of my bladder. Urologist so far is saying its a mix of different types (though, its apparently predominantly Urge IC based on something neurological). I've gotten to the point where I might go a few days without a severe accident, then for a week straight wet myself multiple times throughout the day. Thus, I have gotten to the point of wearing diapers full time even if I stay dry for a long period of time.

    Perhaps this is me 'giving up' on ever achieving a 'normal life' of continence and control, but I am getting to the point of not caring to even attempt to make it to the bathroom if I'm in one of those periods of having consistent accidents. As in, sometimes I just use the diaper without trying to get up to go to the restroom. I feel the urge hit and know full well that I have to pee, but something in my mind says "who cares, you're wearing a diaper"...

    I seem to feel less stressed out when I get into moods like this though, since I'm not rushing to the bathroom, and don't face failure to get there in time, or embarrassment at work from just leaving quickly from the office without telling anyone I'm stepping out.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is this detrimental to possibly recovering?

    Just trying to understand this a bit more, as I know this is coming from a psychological standpoint. Not really finding sexual pleasure or escapism from using it freely, necessarily, just comfort and peace of mind - though I do feel much better/happier when diapered now.

    Thanks for any input

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    I'm in the same boat. I can go days without a problem but then I have days of multiple wettings. I still wet every night no matter how the day was. I just wear 24/7 because if I don't that will be the day I wet myself.

    I've gotten to the point I've stopped looking for restrooms all together if I have to pee. Been like this for 3 months but have been wetting the bed for 6 years. I feel less stressed when I'm wearing a diaper and just go threw my day as normal as I can. I even ride dirt bikes diapered.

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    Thanks for the reassurance. Guess we all get to a breaking point where its just less stressful to let go of it all, literally and figuratively.

    I've noticed that since I've been diapered, I really don't see it as such a bad thing. Like, if I didn't need to be diapered, I might or might not explore the diapered side of me, but since I am - I actually like it. It's put me at ease and finding a restroom really isn't much of a concern now - but that still makes me wonder if that is detrimental to a possible recovery - and even if I did, would I want to give up diapers, seeing how they are bringing a much needed calming effect on me. Sorry to lament

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    I can attest to the fact the more you get used to wetting in your diaper the easyer it becomes to do so.
    Also the longer you go wetting yourself at every feeling of needing to go the weaker your baldder will become.

    I was told I had a hyper active bladder at the heights of my losseing bladder control, even had a doctor tell me that the nerves to my bladder where shot and I had no hopes of regaining any more control than I had, which was little to none.

    So the longer you go without trying to control your bladder the less control you will end uo haveing and repotty training yourself takes years.
    I have been trying to regain control of my bladder for the past 20 years, and have learned how to control it by controling how much I drink.
    I still have a small hyper active bladder and could easly wear a diaper to control the flow, but chose to now wear a diaper and try and have a more normal life with out diapers, it would be so simple to just put back on the diapers and wet in them and I have to fight each and every day to keep myself from doing so.

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    I have mixed incontinence too. I get overflow after I've used the bathroom and often end up with a little wet spot on my pants. I also get the "stress" variety when I laugh. My wetting has gotten less frequent over the years, but it never really went away. I never know when I'm going to have a random accident, and would love to be able to just give up on the toilet and wear diapers full time if it was practical.

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