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Thread: Woohoo! We're Famous!

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    Default Woohoo! We're Famous!

    Or INfamous, rather.

    [link removed]

    I don't know her, nor have I taken the time yet to peruse the rest of her blog, but this one in particular incensed me enough to share.

    As diplomatic as she tries to be, I still feel she has a rather blinkered view. And one can't help but wonder just how much experience on various such sites.

    I'm sure most of us are aware of the POSSIBLE issues that a site like this can raise, but in my experience it is friendly, welcoming and honest. Anyone with any examples on the contrary are welcome to broaden my opinion.

    Rant over.

    And Yay! for our mention, I guess! Whaddayou all reckon?

    Dan x

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    That's odd, the other sites she mentioned as "good" communities I've seen as porn sites. Maybe i misunderstood her meaning of "good" as tasteful when she meant: "you must be this old to enter".

    -the word "purist" comes to mind

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    hahahaha she's basically saying DailyDiapers is better because it doesn't allow under 18s bla bla bla etc. etc. and not approving all the comments that disagree with her. I mean, I'm not rushing to ADISCs defense either (for different reasons) but seriously I wouldn't put DailyDiapers up as a viable alternative either, that's like saying DPF was better than Deeker because DPF didn't have pedostories on it

    what she seems to propose is essentially shutting out under 18s from the diaper world which is also a retarded idea for many many reasons.

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    I would much rather have an open community with a small chance a person who is a perverted version of who we are (and then see him get banned), then find a "good" (in her words) forum with a sign out that says: "you must be this age to enter" (and then whose to say that perverts aren't in there too?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    "you must be this age to enter"
    porn sites have this also

    I'm sure a lot of people are not exactly gagging for the reassociation of something like this with the "over 18s only" clandestine and full of sexual deviants and perverts area and OH WAIT A SECOND isn't this what this person doesn't want?

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    What seems oddest to me is that she's preaching to no one. Who really cares? Who's going to take action? no one. that's who. Why? Because its just noise, a girl with a blog (or whatever you want to call it) who finds herself fit to judge others like she knows all the tricks of the trade. Which brings me to another question, out of all the forums and other communities like us out there, why just choose ADISC and daily diapers as examples?

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    The reality is kids will just lie about their age to get into 18+ sites anyway (I did when I was younger).

    Why not give them somewhere to go where they are welcome and accepted. It needs to be up to the parents to put a good head on their kids shoulders, and kids with a good head won't actively engage with sickos, and if they do.. then meh.. maybe it's natural selection?

    ADISC is better then 99% of the AB/DL community for the simple fact that we keep it clean and mature, the forums are also well moderated.

    I've been to all the other sites and this is the only one I am active on.

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    Don't mind her, she's been banned twice, once for impersonating the Bambino Diapers sales rep or something like that, and lying about her age, so just avoid her at all costs, she leaves a lot to be desired.

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