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    I am blankimpression01 and i got flagged down by the lurker patrol. I been in the whole diaper fetish thing for about 6 years now (my first girlfriend introduced me to the whole concept) I'm a male living in Colorado for now till i get board, and i mostly just like upgrading the flimsy diapers they sell today, and making them into greater ones.

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    Welcome to the site, hope you stick around and post more. Colorado eh? lovely place (at least Boulder and Denver anyways). What are some of your hobbies, and how do make the flimsy ones greater?

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    Yea i will try to work on my post, but i am new to the blog, post, forum idea. Colorado is good i think Boulders way better then Denver tho. Hobbies i got a lot nothing to interesting tho. Getting to diapers, i modify them to be great. I do with such a passion that now i love depends more then any other diaper. But it usually takes about an hour for plastic disposable diapers to get modified and about 1 1/2 for cloth backing disposable diapers to get the upgrade. In all its worth it especially if you have some one to change you.

    For got to thank you, for the greetings
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    Quote Originally Posted by blankimpression01 View Post
    ...Hobbies i got a lot nothing to interesting tho...
    Even if you think your hobbies are uninteresting, others may find them fascinating. Do you collect anything, do you play videogames, do you fix cars? What?

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