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    Default Getting a ride?

    I need a ride to a Walgreens or CVS since those are pharmacies so they'll have what I'm looking for and nobody I know ever goes there. Money isn't an issue, neither is purchasing them, it's just finding a ride to get there. I live too far out from any store to cycle there and I'm only 15 so I can't drive. Any suggestions?

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    Problem is that I live way out in the country, but good idea. Not too many here in Evansville, anyway :/

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    Hmmm, I guess ordering online is out of the question?

    Yea then I guess the bus would be the only option besides riding your bike =p

    ... or perhaps a friend who can drive you there, but then again they'd want to know why so meh.

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    So you're looking for someone to pick you up? What if's the proverbial stranger to lure you into their car and not take you shopping but taking you for a different ride? One that leaves you butthurt...literally?!
    In other words: Get out your bike, look at bus or train schedules, or wait until a different opportunity presents itself. Asking for strangers to drive you around is dangerous...and not allowed on ADISC.

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