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    So I was wondering how many people here like to sew and maybe even sew their own bay clothes. I was taught how to hand stitch at a young age and then learned how to sew by machine in my "Personal and Family Development" course while in middle school. This came in handy as I am a theatre student and have worked on costume crew for a few shows. I've even designed costumes for a show before.

    Anyways, I ask because yesterday I tried to convert a t shirt into a onesie. I was off by like half an inch in the crotch though >.<

    I plan on maybe having a pattern that would actually work for me and then just making my own clothes as *bclothing for smaller people is hard to find. Anyone else here sew?

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    Nothing more than fixing buttons and seams. It's the sort of thing I'd be inclined to mess around with if I had the space to fit a proper machine but as it is it would take on a disproportionate importance. Maybe some day.

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    I have attempted it, once, and failed epically. I'm not even going to try again =p

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    I love sewing, was able to go out to a salvation army and buy a heavy duty machine and made myself a few pillows and footed sleepers from scratch its a lot cheaper.

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    I do, though I don't currently have a sewing machine. I've been wanting to get one, but hate the modern all-plastic ones. They're so light I end up pushing them around the table when trying to sew. Woofcub, good call on the Salvation Army, maybe I'll be able to find an old second-hand Singer machine from 20-30+ years ago, when they actually made them out of metal. My mom's is from the 70's and my grandmother's is from the 50's; both still work great.

    All the sewing I did was when I was still living with my parents, so I borrowed my mom's machine. Pretty much everything I sewed was *B related. I did a couple sleepers that turned out well. I did several cloth diapers made out of flannel and diaper gauze, along with a couple pairs of plastic pants--one out of vinyl (not a success, the vinyl was too thick and stiff) and a couple better ones out of oxford nylon. Oh, and diaper covers out spiderman flannel or polar fleece to match my sleepers.

    Think it's hard smuggling disposable diapers into the house? Try smuggling in sewing supplies, grabbing the machine, and figuring out a way to NOT show your parents what you're making . I'm not sure how I managed to not get caught.

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    I've sewn my own costumes for conventions, and am soon going to try the dawnting task of sewing my own fursuit. If that works out well I'll definitly be doing fursuit commissions, and doing ab cloths would be easier so yes, I would do that. Haven't yet, but will soon.

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    Sewing is a must for any fursuit owning furry as repair costs run high. been able to sew since I was in my teens but being a fursuiter for 2 years has improved my skills no end. ^_^

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    I learned to hand sew at an early age, (hidden pockets in jean jackets and the like) it has been handy with clothing and costume repairs for the girls and kids over the years. I never have had a sewing machine but have been looking for one at tag sales recently. I don't want to spend much in case I can't teach myself to use it. I have made onesies of a tee shirt, scrap cloth and safety pins. It was fun but not too great. A girls snap crotch leotard can be fun as well though a bit narrow in the "diaper area".
    Beat of luck in your endeavor, if you come up with a good pattern please share.

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    Im no good with clothing fabric but I made my own fursuit.
    YouTube - &#x202a;My first fursuit that I built&#x202c;&lrm;

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