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Thread: Messy diaper removal

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    Default Messy diaper removal

    Hey everyone I introduced myself over in the greeting section so go there to find out about ME!!

    Anyway I have been browsing the forums here enjoying the stories and advice and stuff. But I couldn't find anything regarding disposal of messy diapers and it's just a question I have.

    What is generally the best way you all have discovered to be when discarding messed diapers? That is, if you mess diapers at all of course.

    My situation is this: My parents got divorced a while back. It didn't bother me much. That's not the point though. Point is my dad left and I am currently living with mother. The house is two floors and my bedroom is on the second floor. Mother's room is at the end of the hallway, next to a little table with flowers. I have been ABDL for a very long time and recently have discovered the joys of diaper messing. It's a quite wonderful sensation to poop a diaper. And it's me, my little kid brother, and mother living in this house. No one knows my secret ABDL side, and I don't want them to. I especially don't want them finding out because of my stupidity.

    I mess no fewer than twice a day and typically go through 3-4 diapers a day. Since I have my own car I generally drive around town, do stuff, al the while messing or trying to at least. I like to mess in public because it's a place where I can't be cornered and found out by people that mean something to me. I don't try to offen others even though I don't know them so generally I mess myself either in my car while driving or at some place with few people. Anyway, my diaper bag is a backpack so no one expects to find diapers in there, a good ruse. I do carry axe body spray, the miracle worker, and use it on me immediately after I dirtied myself. And when I change in public I find a nice little secluded restroom to change in. I actually have one specific restroom I like to change in because it's meant for one person because you can lock it. In there is a changing table for babies which I generally use for myself by propping somehing up underneath to prevent it from breaking off the wall. Point is, in public it's not really an issue about being seen changing myself because I don't know those people. When I'm done I just roll the poopy wipes intside the old diaper and toss it in the bin, no matter how full the bin is (I've set a messie on top before lol) So yea I do all this lmost everday, then go home.

    This is the bad part I'm asking help on. Usually my second messing of the day happens in my bedroom. I have a plethora of candles and aromatic inscense candles as well as a variety of air fresheners and potpourri. I have all this because usualy around 6 in the evening I mess myself again. I have all the candles lit and sprays going to mask the odor (you should know that poo when it first comes out smells pretty rancid). While I mess myself mother is usually downstairs cooking food and my kid brother Alex is watching tv. So the chances of them smelling the initial release never happens because they are usually below me nd smells rise upwards I think.

    The problem: How do I remove messies from the house and get them to the garbage can on the street without Mother smelling the diaper? Typically what happens is I mess, squirm in it for a few minutes to flatten the poop, then take a shower in the bathroom connected to my room. I usually get most of the poop off my body, sometimes I just can't get it all off me so I leave it on. Any remaining odors from me or the room are eliminated. However the messy diaper is the issue here. I rarely have an opportunity to take the diaper out without being seen (the last thing they need to see is a messed diaper in my hand). So I usually put it in a wlmart bag, then in a trash bag, spray some xe body spray in the bag nd toos a few potpourri pellets to assist the odor killing. I just don't know the best way to get my dirty diapers out of the house after my 6:00 messing. Do any of you here have tips on diaper removal? Little tricks or something. Even something involving a lie. I hate lying to mother, but for this thing I would lie, no doubt.

    Sometimes the inability to sneak out my used diapers forces me to store the messies under my bed. There have been times when I've had up to 8 or 9 messed diapers under my bed. See I juust can't find the right way or method to get them out. From my past experience stored messed diapers start to smell really old and pungent around day 5 under my bed. Like, it goes from that exotic aroma of a freshly baked poo to this old and nasty, cold and hard lump of poop inside diapers that, might I add, also have urine in them.

    I've been nearly caught a few times, hence my previous paranoia. Specifically one day when I had the incense and candles going and having my 6 o-clock mess mother tried to open my bedroom door which was locked. She hollered through the door about dinner being ready and I could hear her standing there motionless. I just know she was suspicios of something. I'm quite confident I didn't hear her sniff the air, but I imagined she did. What's worse in the particular scenario was that when she knocked on the door I had just started messing myself and the surprise caused me enough shock to where I farted a bit before I released the load.

    Guys, do you have any tips on how to remove stinky diapers (typically between 4 and 6 at a time get stored under the bed) to the outside dumpster?

    I really don't want mother to know about this fetish of mine, although I am surprised I haven't been outed yet. Thanks!

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    i mean a few at a time cause you have alot under there and id say wait till they go to sleep and take a couple and tossem in the trash in a few nights youll be caught up then just take care of the one a day you make from there

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    what i do, is find a place to hide them in my room, but in a place that the smell won't escape from. tbh, you could get away with a suitcase. just make sure that you put something to protect the inside of the case, like a plastic grocery bag, etc. just in case it gets knocked around

    then, just put it in the outdoor garbage cans under a few other things when your mom goes to bed, so you could easily get away with it, as long as your family doesn't go dumpster diving on a regular basis. garbage smells shitty, so your diapers won't cause to much of a problem there, and, as long as you get your garbage picked up, things should go smoothly.

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    try scraping the poo off your diaper in the toilet to remove some of the oder, and then in the garbage in a bag or under a couple things (potato chip bag.. lays)

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    Buy a diaper pail with locking bags like diapergenie it really helps to control the odour and you can dispose it whenever its possible.

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    Well what I do when I mess is take the diaper off in the bathroom and dump the poo inside the toilet. Then hide it until I can dispose of it the day after. By disposing of the poo in the toilet you can extend your disposal time and not worry too much about the smell. ^^ but take it out asap. Ya know? By doing this you can simply leave i there for longer then usual and have time to dispose. ^^

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    I don't really like messing at all but I tried it a couple times and just dumped all the poo I could into the toilet afterward. Then I bagged the diaper in a zip lock and disposed of it later in the day.

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    Thank you all for the honest suggestions. I have considered scraping the poop off in chunks into the toilet. However a slight issue at hand is that while my shower and sink works, my toilet sadly does not. The nearest bathroom is mother's and it's kind of off limits. She likes her privacy. We all kind of respect each other's privacy which is why mother probably didn't barge in on me the time she came to the door and interrupted my evening messing session. Since she respects me, I respect mother's privacy and don't go to her bathroom for ny reason. But that matters not here nor there because I wold still have to transport the messed diaper all the way down the hall, go in there, scoop the poop into the toilet with...whatever is available....flush it down...and go back to my room.This may seem ideal, but really whenever you mess yourself uncrontrollably, the rancid odor of feces follows you as well as the messed diaper; so not only would I have to explain why I flushed her toilet, I would have to explain the odor tht would permeate the second floor hallway. It's a delicate situation, but what to do? I really love being messy and all that jazz. It's something I don't want to give up ever but is also something I know would make my family disown me forever.

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    And to the user who suggested a place where odors can't get out, I can't think of many things that would contain a whole week's worth of messies and no odor get out. I don't have have a guitar case that may work. It could probably hold 15 fully flooded and totally messed diapers.

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    Why not use your backpack a.k.a. diaper bag to hide it? Like others have said, you first dump most of the poop in the toilet, then, double bag the diapers, so most of the odor could be contained (until the next day), then, put it in your backpack, where, the next day, in the restroom you usually go to, you can throw it away. Or not necessarily throw it in that restroom. Why not use any dumpster away from your home?

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    I can't store my messy diapers in my backpack/diaper bag. Yes, I keep fresh diapers, powder, and creams in there but I also have books for school and other things. In short, I don't want to make my books stinky and poopy. And same goes for fresh diapers. I don't want feces permeating my freshies.

    I am just going to have to suck it up and do something drastic I guess. I did manage to collect the 8 or 9 messy diapers under my bed and put them in a box I found in my closet. I may just attempt to sneak them by mother in the box, after I tape the box up of course. I need to go shower now, I jst messed myself again. I'll try to sneak the box by and hopefully no nose will sniff my box.

    On side note, I think the oldest diaper under my bed actually stopped stinking, which makes sense since it's been under there for a week now. Is it possible messy diapers reach a point where they no longer stink?

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