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Thread: Had my wisdom teeth pulled out

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    Default Had my wisdom teeth pulled out

    So as the title says, I had them pulled and they hurt. I my question is, what should I avoid to eat. How long will they hurt, and types of things should I do to make them hurt less besides use pain killers?

    BTW, have any of you had your wisdom teeth removed? How long did it hurt? And how many wisdom teeth did you have?

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    I had mine taken out 2 years ago, it was miserable.
    During the first day I ate almost nothing, I had to force down soup so I could take painkillers, but that was about it. The second day wasn't much better, I had more soup & Jello.
    The pain was extreme (the worst pain I've ever felt) the first day but afterward it wasn't too bad.
    I wish I could offer you advice about what to take for the pain besides painkillers, but that's all I had. They gave me Vicodin, which worked. I swear they gave me a script for Codeine too, but if they did, I never needed anything that strong.
    I had all four of mine taken out, & one of my bottom ones wasn't completely out so they had to cut the bone a little.

    Did you get anesthesia when you had your wisdom teeth pulled?
    I hated the idea of being completely under & not remembering anything for half of a day, so I only got a local anesthetic.

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    Yes, the put me completely under. Before that, they put a mask on with Oxygen and a little Nitro so I felt a little woosy and then hooked me up to an Ivy with so meds that would knock me out. When I woke up, I was in complete pain! They removed my upper wisdom teeth because that's all I had. The proscribed me Vicodin, just like with you. This helps with the pain and all, but not a lot, though I am eating cold stuff. What I REALLY wish is that my dad could go out and get Japanese food that's soft and wouldn't hurt my mouth.

    I have been eating Yakisoba and sleeping here and there. I am also getting caught up on some anime series I haven't had time to finish and also reading manga ( the Japanese books) here and there. I had them taken out today but going by the actual time it is right now, it would be yesterday.

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    I've had my wisdom teeth surgically removed, but that was 8 years ago. That's what I got to do for my 16th birthday. The appointment managed to fall right on my birthday. I only had the upper two removed, since I didn't ever get any on the bottom.

    It's been awhile, but I think most of the pain subsided after two or three days and was mostly gone after a week. I was on Tylenol 3. As long as I avoided hard foods I did not bad. I mostly ate soup, soft foods like spaghetti, jello and such for the first week.

    I also had stitches since the wisdom teeth were still under the gum line when they were removed. I had to rinse with saline (salt water) and a special mouth wash four times a day until the stitches dissolved.

    Overall it wasn't too bad, I've had worse, unfortunately.

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    I had all four out at the same time. As for what you should do, my recommendation is to listen to your doctor. He/she knows best based on what they did to you. Mine took about a week before it didn't hurt like hell anymore, but they had to split the teeth to get them out. To this day almost 10 years later, I have holes where they used to be. Its just one of those thing that you get used to.

    Take it easy, and do what the Dr. tells you. Consider they went to school for years so they could do that to people. *hugs*

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    I had mine out two years ago. I was on 10 mg of Vicodin (2x what the doctor prescribed), a full gram of acetaminophen, and another 500 mg. or so of ibuprofen, and it just took the edge off the pain. I hate being a drug hard-head. The swelling wasn't too bad for me, and the pain was only really bad the first two days. The worst part by far is having all that nasty post-surgery blood and gunk in your mouth ALL THE TIME. It gets real old real fast. But everyone handles it differently, and a lot depends on how extensive the surgery is. In mine, for example, they had to cut open the gum, cut the teeth into small pieces, and extract it. My girlfriend, on the other hand, just had them pulled out like any other tooth. Hers wasn't nearly as bad.

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    I had all three removed (for some reason I miss one) and it actually wasn't all that bad pain-wise. I took some ibuprofen, nothing else. The swelling however, made me look somewhat like a mutant. As for the foods, I just ate liquid/soft foods for the first two days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerokid View Post
    They gave me Vicodin, which worked. I swear they gave me a script for Codeine too, but if they did, I never needed anything that strong.
    Actually, Hydrocodone (Vicodin) is a great deal stronger than Codeine, even though Codeine is actually the 3-methylether of Morphine, so you would think it'd be stronger. However, Codeine is a prodrug, and has to be processed by your liver to produce opioid effects, whereas Hydrocodone doesn't. They're actually similar drugs, but Vicodin is much, much more commonly perscribed for post-op, because it works better and tends to have far fewer bad side effects. On a side note, I seriously doubt they'd give you both, seeing as they're so closely related.

    Sorry, I don't often get the chance to know what I'm talking about. =3

    As for the wisdom teeth, I've never had mine pulled, but it's starting to look like they may need to be. I'll admit I *don't* like reading "it was the worst pain I've ever felt", but I guess it's better to be prepared.

    Lol, I've had some doozies, maybe it won't be as bad as breaking my arm and falling on it. (Yeah, ouch...)

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    Gah, I hated getting my wisdom teeth removed. Took nearly a month for my mouth to feel normal again, tough I only really had pain for one week. The first day was just hell (as was the actual procedure: I was just frozen and slightly sedated), but a bunch of icepack made the pain manageable. I also had to use an awful mouthrinse because I had stitches in my mouth.

    Still, if anything the worst part for me was that I really couldn't get back to a normal diet for a week, and my mouth felt incredibly weird for about a month.

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