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Thread: How Open Are You? (Concerning LGBT)

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    Default How Open Are You? (Concerning LGBT)

    Before I start I am writing this in a local Starbucks because the good folks at Verizon have left me without internet for almost two weeks. Well at least I got to learn what other things I can do with my time and I personally feel that I am getting closer and closer to those who I really care about.

    Over the past year I have transitioned into a confused straight person to a developed bisexual to an acceptant bisexual. I always accredit this site towards helping me find my sexual orientation but my question today is regards openness of your sexual orientation. So pretty much my question is how open are you about your sexual orientation. Are you open, closeted, or many other circumstances because there is always a different scenario for different people. I don't have a poll because I feel like this is a question that may be unique to many people as it is for myself.

    I have known that I was bisexual for at least 7 months now and around late March is when I started to come out to some of my friends at school. They have all been respectful and supportive of me, as well as when I walked around in telling my mom (she also knows about my *B/DL but for that she doesn't really care). To describe my situation, I would say that I am an open bisexual but I am closeted when it comes to work. Out of literally hundreds of work associates that I know only one I have come out to. My choice to be closeted at work comes because I know many people who wouldn't be supportive of my sexual orientation and also working in an unprofessional workplace setting allows word to come out like wildfire (like when someone fucked his boss and they both eventually had to quit because of that). I treat my sexual orientation as a part of my life and just like my *B/DLness it is a part of me and I accept myself for who I am.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I am glad that you can accept who you are. That is such a critical factor in becoming a fully-actualized being.

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    Well.. given the fact that I"m straight..... I'm pretty freaking open with my sexuality. ^^ Hell I'm so comfy with it that I can say that I find said guy hot or good looking. Not bi... just well Straight.
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    That's an interesting question actually so I guess I'll just run it down the line here. As for me I'm on the gay side of bi, as in mostly prefer guys, but not turned off by girls generally. As for how open I am, I basically go by the military mantra of don't ask, don't tell. If you ask me I'll tell you but I don't wave it in people's faces. I'm sure those who know me but don't know have their suspicions for sure. As for who knows, certain friends do, certain co-workers do and my brother. No issues, though I think I gotta come clean to the rest at some point.

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    Well i'm Bi and sometimes get alittle flamboyant with friends just to screw with them but if you saw me walking around in public you would thing I was straight and if someone asked me my sexuality for a servay or something I would just say "I'm Bi" and keep on walkin'.

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    I'm a very private person, and so my likes stay with me. My wife knows as does my college room mate, but no one else really knows who I am. I'm faithful to my wife, so what would be gained by telling others that I'm bi, or anything else. Telling seems to be something younger people feel compelled to do. It's really a process of self acceptance, but once you accept who you are, you're usually comfortable with just living your life without giving out a lot of personal information.

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    I don't know what my sexuality is. Both sexes don't interest me that much. Does that mean I will never find love and live alone forever? I'm 16 years old and there are so many people getting laid except for me. I don't know how to be open.

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    I really don't feel the need to label myself or tell others what I am in terms of my sexuality, If I want to be with a man or a woman or a goat its all up to me and that's all the matters and it's nobody's concern (unless its your goat Ha!)

    I am the same in regards to other people, I look at them first for who they are as a person and not what sex they are or what sex partner they prefer

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    I've kept my aromantic asexuality to a few of my good friends. They seem...indifferent towards it, as really, what is there to react to? Since I don't make any attempt at romantic relations whatsoever, the topic doesn't really come up, and I don't see any benefits to volunteer it.

    I don't tell any of my friends about my DL-ness. I've been a strong advocate in these forums that such is a high-risk low-reward proposition that doesn't generally make sense to take.

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    I am still kind of confused concerning my sexual orientation. I could be either asexual or straight, with a small possibility of being bisexual. In the last case I would prefer girls mostly.

    It's rather hard to explain how I see my sexual orientation. If we look the purely biological aspect of the question, I find the female body more appealing. However right now I don't feel the need to have a girlfriend. I prefer spending my time and energy on my future career and my friendships. Back in high school (kind of cool to say BACK IN ) most of the girls I had to cohabit with were so mean with me that I sometimes felt like a vermin... So I don't feel ready to share my life with a girl, especially with a HUGE lack of self-confidence.

    For now I assume I am straight, so there's not much to "hide".

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