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Thread: very lucky guy! (on stage!)

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    Default very lucky guy! (on stage!)

    im so lucky i actually went on stage with Criss Angel! If anyone wants to hear the full story i will be glad to tell you here (im not right now because im watching dragon ball z kai)

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    Sick! He wasn't in town, was he? That'd be a big over-look on my part.

    I'm gonna assume you were in las Vegas.

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    yeah i went to las vegas you would have herd about itr on tv or at the eassar center

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    So were you on his tv show mind freak? ( Is that even still running?). Could you give us a link to the latest episode of the show you were in?

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    i wasnt on his show it was live! at criss angel believe

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    I would of gone to see Penn and Teller since their show seems to be about other stuff then straight up slight of hand tricks and mind tricks (publicly known as magic). I used to watch Mindfreak but the show is just extremely fake and some of his bigger stunts are just purely impossible and thus has to be edited or he's using a stunt double. I am willing to bet it's far less impressive to see those huge stunts and tricks in person.

    plus with Penn and Teller you can get Penn to say any cuss word at will it seems.

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