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Thread: Wierd pacifier feeling

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    Default Wierd pacifier feeling

    So, today I took one of the stashed pacifiers out of the "adult toychest" and stuck it in my mouth for a good part of the morning. Odd thing was that it felt like my gums in the back of my front teeth were peeling. Has anyone else had this happen?

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    Was this a new pacifier? If so it may have had some chemicals on it (most are made overseas). I always boil mine first.

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    Maybe your mouth was just dry. That can happen if you suck on them too much, I've heard.

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    I've had the feeling before, mostly after certain foods. Tootsie roll pops always give me the feeling.

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    Are you sure that you didn't eat a really hot pizza or something? Maybe a hot pocket before?

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    Sounds like you burned your mouth on something hot and were a bit paranoid about the paci being the cause.

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