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Thread: Where could I find these?

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    Default Where could I find these?

    Where could I find these? If they still make them. Personally, I've never even heard of them.

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    Looks like a store brand to me

    I know RiteAid is hugaboos so I think you can rule out those
    It appears to be a canadian chain

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    I just google searched them and they're from Canada o.O Any chance I might have the luck to find them here in the US?

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    You might be able to order them but I doubt you will just find them on the shelves somewhere. I would try some store brands out if you were looking for something like this though.

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    Thanks My mom has disability cuz she has arthiritis and other things that I can't think of. Anyway, cuz of that, I get $20 a month from that, Idk why, but this month they forgot about me -.- So next month I'm supposed to get 40 instead to make up for that, and I'm trying to plan a diaper run that month. I live pretty far out, though.. I was just looking around for new types of pull-ups/diapers and came across these.

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