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    Smile hay

    I am still new to this site but I guess I have been a DL for 8 years. I used to read a lot of stories off Deeker but since it went away, I have come here instead. My interest include saxophone and photography. I have been playing saxophone for about 7 years and I am still new to photography.

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    welcome to the club; and it is about time you showed up: 8 years you say. Well you are now in a pretty interactive space, as opposed to Deeker, which to my recollection didn't ask for much input besides fiction/fiction masquerading as truth, and interaction among its community members was a background thing, not much in evidence on the site proper.

    We, on the other hand are highly interactive... Adisc is all about connections between members: especially making friends; and hardly at all about turning each other on or commercial connections.

    We are not just a support site... Adisc is a highly SUPPORTIVE site. And would love to hear your music or see your pix... and see more of who you are: interests, opinions, shoe size...

    From Deeker to here. Congratulations: you have taken a step into a larger world.

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    Welcome to ADISC . It's actually a good thing that Deeker is gone, read around the site more and you'll know why. You see, deeker is hated here because of how he comes off as a pedophile, and how he is a bad apple in the abdl community. Just stay away from it (not much choice now that it's gone anyway, doesn't look like it's going to be coming back either). Make yourself at home *hands plushie*.

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