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Thread: Is it possible that my parents are ABs?

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    Default Is it possible that my parents are ABs?

    Ok I like to wear diapers myself because it helps calm me down. But recently after I have moved on to college, I have become more aware of my parents actions when i am around them. As I grew up my father, mother, and grandmother (and myself) all lived together. My grandmother has always been critical (one reason I started wearing diapers) but especially to my parents. My mom teaches preschool and has done so for the past 12 years. Sometimes my mom or dad will be talking and sometimes go into talking like a baby.
    they don't show anykind of real babism but could the same stress that I recieved from my Grandmother be causing my parents to regress slightly?

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    Wow, if that's true, then you are luckyyyyyyy. If my parents were ABs, then that'd make telling them I'm a TB/DL a lot easier

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    I've seen a lot of couples do the baby-talk thing as a means of just being cute, and it can be endearing to them.
    My own parents did the same thing, and they certainly were NOT AB's. (quite..very sure about that one.)

    I'd say just take the babytalk at face value.

    Edit: I suggest it may be a southerner thing, I grew up in the south.

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    well I did tell my mom once that I wore diapers she gave me this face that gave a mixed message like "well what ever, but don't be stupid or something."
    and yes I do take it at face value because the chances of my parents be AB is small. (I live in the deep south and my parents are baptist.) I doubt they even know what AB/DL is but still my question is deep downn could they have the spark for being ABs?

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    Naw, they arn't. I doubt they have a "spark" for it either. ABDL is a very uncommon way of coping, from what you've said it's an incredibly tiny chance and there is barely enough information to tell. Now if you had found unexplained baby things around your parents bedroom or something, then it would be something to consider. But even if they are, it's not really for you to know in the first place.

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    well see thats the thing my mom is a preschool, pacis that sort occasionally show up at the house...

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    Well.... Honestly maybe almost everyone has this spark. ya know? my dad will still get toys and what not. Overall things are very interesting many people have infantile tendencies it's just that ours are abnormally high.

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    I have found that a lot of people enjoy being ABs because the stress level is reduced. Living with my grandmother is just about the same kind of stress as being constantly hounded by the boss but instead of having an escape it is constant. she makes us watch 5 preachers on TV each Sunday and if we want to do something else then she tells us we are sinning and going to hell. oh well.

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    It is statistically possible but highly unlikely. Baby talk isn't a good predictor of *B/DLism as a lot of couples do it, I'd just forget the idea and ignore the baby talk. Also even if they were they aren't going to tell you even if ou confront them, it's their personal life and you don't have a right to know really.

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    if my parents confessed they were ABs I would kinda walk slowly back out of the room again and shut the door.

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