I forgot to post a going away message before I left... so... for those who didn't realize it I was at the summer camp I work at for the past two months. I had a riot. You don't really have to read the rest of this thread, it's just a bunch of camp stories and personally experiences. The main purpose of this thread is to say I'm back, and I'm pretty sure you've already gotten that point by now.

For some reason that I don't really know, I was really in with the staff this year. Normally I can fit in with the staff just fine, but this year was a huge difference. I was one of the cool popular guys that all the staff were ok with and wanted to hang out with. I was invited to the secret night swim outings that I'd never been invited to before, and just general staff things that made me feel like I belonged more than I ever have in my life. It took a whole new meaning to the word family that I had already used to describe the staff.

I taught wood carving this year which was a lot of fun. I taught it 4 years ago at that camp, but wasn't good at it at all then. Now that I'm practically a professional, it was so much cooler to teach. I was able to tell the kids all the tricks and secrets, and since I'm going to be a teacher I was able to practice telling those tricks in ways that they would understand. I even had a few parents sit in on the classes because I made the subject so interesting while still giving out a tun of information. It got me very excited to be a teacher in the future.

The guy I bunked with was amazing! He was a tall, 24 year old guy, and at first I didn't think he'd fit in at all. He was kind of quiet, and he thought about every word he'd say making it as articulate as possible. He'd also go way over your head with subjects because he was way to freaking smart. The biggest reason though was because he couldn't get a job anywhere else. He was actually working there for the money which no other staff was... and he hated kids. Turns out, he was one of the best staff members. He was smart at appropriate times and really funny every other time. He grew out his mustache and curled it up like an evil villain. As soon as it was long enough he had it curled for the whole summer. He called it mustachio, and he told us all that if anything thing were to happen to him that mustachio would have to find a new host.

My brother was my boss this year, and I didn't really know what to expect. He had worked on staff for 3 years before I came up, and we had never worked together. Also, I didn't really know him that well, so I had no idea how well he'd work out. So, now that he was the area director of the area director, I got to know him quite well. I am so glad I did. He is such an amazing guy and a great area director. He did a great job and we got to know each other so well. I love him so much now that I've gotten to know him. He's one of the coolest guys I've ever met!

So ya, I'm back... woot!