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Thread: Houston, we have a problem...

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    Default Houston, we have a problem...

    ... It seems I'm developing a facebush. And I strongly dislike beards, especially my own. Mainly because it's ginger.


    So the problem lies in the fact my boyfriend adores it, but we're about to unleash the AB in me, so... I find myself stuck.

    He doesn't really want me to get rid of it, but, you know... A baby with a beard? It's hardly authentic.

    Guys of ADISC... Answer this call... Even if it's to tell me what I already know!

    You all stay clean-shaven, right?

    Dan x

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    Yeah, totally clean shaven here.

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    Meh. I can't be bothered to shave most days. I'll usually just go around with a bad neckbeard for a few weeks until I have to go somewhere where I have to look at least somewhat presentable. Silly Western society and its apparent fear of hair that's anywhere except on top of the head. I suppose someday, i'll get enough facial hair to grow a nice beard. I might even be bothered at that point to keep it well trimmed and everything.

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    Awww... But beards are awesome! I should know, I have one, too. A ginger beard, that is. All the girls seemed to like it. 'Course, since you're gay, that's probably no real consolation. Just saying.

    I don't usually stay clean shaven. My acne's unusually bad, and it's a pain in the ass to shave. Even without the whole bloodied-face factor, I still wouldn't, because it grows too damn fast, and if it gets too long, I may as well just forget about shaving entirely. >.> Too time consuming. I will usually have it shaved down to a goatee, though, so I'm not completely furred, so to speak.

    I'm trying to start to shave more now, because my last ID picture made me look like a terrorist.

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    My daddy wants me to be clean shaved at all times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlebabymike View Post
    My daddy wants me to be clean shaved at all times.
    But it is good to be clean

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    Clean shaven. Facial hair just looks weird when you're running around in a diaper and onesie... not that anyone else is looking, but it still looks odd to me. If there was a way to snap my fingers and be clean-shaven for *B time and have facial hair for all other times, that'd be cool. Of course, being able to grow something beyond sparse sideburns and a little chin hair would be nice, too.

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    I tend to shave once or twice a week, and let it grow out each time, seems to suit me (well my scruffy sense of style anyways :P)
    I can see it getting in the way when acting little, but I guess its up to you how much this lifestyle effects your day to day life. Do you shave all your body hair as well? A baby with hairy arms is weird, but an adult with shaven arms is a little weirder :X.

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    facial hair is a bit of a drag but I think it is a funny look to be in a diaper and have face hair. Not that I go search for those but n e time I look in to a mirror while in a diaper I laugh.

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