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Thread: How to use the BBCode tags! links and images

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    Default How to use the BBCode tags! links and images

    Hello there

    I have noticed some people in these threads going through the frusterations of trying but not quite succeeding with putting up links, and images and linked images there of.


    Please note that I have broken up the code in all the code boxes down below
    [URL =" Http://veryspecialclothes. com "[ /URL ]
    That will bring you just the way how it would be in the address bar.
    [ URL =" Http:// "] Very Special Clothes[/ URL ]
    That is showing you how to customize your link to your liking but just plain ole text is not the only thing that you could put in there. You could add things such as images of various kinds or even the plain ole smileys for example if I wanted to make a link to a favored pizza restaurant with a icon from this site then like this one --> then this diagram down below shows you how I have turned that slice of pizza in to a link.
    [ URL =""] : pizza : [ /URL ]

    First of all you will want to have your actual image up on the web rather than on your hard drive it's self so what you do need is to find a image hosting site such as the one's listed down below.

    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting
    That is only to name a couple.

    Now to show you how to make image tags and how to make them images

    Putting in a image in your post to show others what it is that you are talking about in your bit of "Show and tell" is quite important so that others can be given the idea of what it is that you are talking about. So let's get started.
    the IMG tags are what you use for the image as shown in this code block down below
    [ IMG ][ /IMG]
    There you see how the way of how to put in a image in your post is laid out.
    The result is this image down below V

    Now how can I use that picture in a link? Well let's see how to use that picture.

     [ URL =" "] [IMG ] [ /IMG ][ /URL]
    The end result is this. ->

    Now YOU can also make links and images show up in your posts and even make those images links them selves.
    Enjoy and keep your chin up. Probably next week I will do the spoiler tags. Given I have the time to do such.

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